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Scene: Wekfest; Ward Village Shops, Honolulu, HI - Event

Just Another Day In Paradise.

Mar 8, 2012
Photographer: Jonathan Wong
Sstp 1203 01+wekfest honolulu hi+cover Photo 1/29   |   Scene: Wekfest; Ward Village Shops, Honolulu, HI - Event

It was another chilly December afternoon in SoCal as we pulled out our phones to check the weather—fifty-degrees. Yes, we’re a bunch of pansies but this is cold for LA. With summer months away, we let out a “goddamnit!” wishing we could be somewhere else warm. Then we checked our calendar. The final stop of the 2011 Wekfest tour was just around the corner and it was going to take place minutes from the bikini-clad beaches of Waikiki. Paradise awaited us… Mahalo Wekfest!

Sstp 1203 02+wekfest honolulu hi+hatch Photo 2/29   |   Scene: Wekfest; Ward Village Shops, Honolulu, HI - Event

Travelling to events like this is one of the few perks of the job, besides building really cool project cars and oiling up models. But this trip was well-justified. Wekfest has been giving the tuner community a proper show—we’re talking about a show with top-notch show cars, a painless roll-in for participants, punctual schedule and an awesome atmosphere. After killing it in the Bay Area, SoCal, Texas and Chicago, we couldn’t pass the 808 show up!

Our agenda was simple—report on the show and photograph as many of the island’s best cars and models as possible. Mission accomplished, as you’ll see with the three S14s featured elsewhere in this issue along with more content coming soon.

As for the show itself, it hit the spot. Nearly 300 cars showed up to a newly-constructed parking structure at Ward Village. The top three floors of the garage included everything from Hondas, Nissans, VIPs, trucks and Euros. Although the island’s population doesn’t match up to LA or San Fran, we were surprised to find some sick rides that could rival a few cars on the mainland. There were also plenty of local vendors to check out, plus the weather was just right. For December, we couldn’t have asked for more. Our weekend was perfect, or should we say, paradise.

Sstp 1203 03+wekfest honolulu hi+kellene Photo 3/29   |   More on island girl Kellene next month

Island Rockin’
While taking your wifey to Hawaii is romantic and all that other bullshit, if you want some real fun, hit up Racesauce and Element Group. They run a few of the best nightclub spots in town including a joint called Ginza where it doesn’t get busy till 2am, or at least that’s what we can still remember.

Cool Clothes Brah
The locals support their native apparel companies and so should you. Companies like JSpirit, 808 All Day and Good Life are some of our favs and they also support the scene, too.,,

Sstp 1203 22+wekfest honolulu hi+shirts Photo 22/29   |   Scene: Wekfest; Ward Village Shops, Honolulu, HI - Event
Sstp 1203 23+wekfest honolulu hi+clothes Photo 23/29   |   Scene: Wekfest; Ward Village Shops, Honolulu, HI - Event

Hawaiian Time

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