With the stance craze growing bigger by the second, it was only a matter of time before someone turned it into a full-blown competition. Tony Lee from ItsJDMYo! came up with the idea of challenging lowered cars to go up a driveway, dubbing it “So You Think You Can Stance?” Sure, for many people the act of taking a car in and out of a driveway is an effortless task, but for modified vehicles it can be downright painful (just look underneath any lowered car’s front end). Participants were judged in two criteria: the angle going up and down the driveway, as well as the amount of scraping up and down the driveway; a perfect score would be forty. Points were deducted for reversing to correct or passing a marker cone. But why use a marker cone when you can use the lovely Holly Lee to judge your accuracy? Luigi Arroyo took third place in his Honda S2000, Alex Gutierrez and his Civic EF sedan took second and Chris Davidson with a Lexus GS300 took first place. This could be the humble beginning of an unusual, but fresh competition in the scene.