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Wekfest San Francisco - Event

The Bay Area’s Biggest Show Kicks Off the 2012 Season Right.

Jonathan Wong
May 18, 2012
Photographer: Super Street Staff
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If anyone had to endure that torturous three hour-plus wait (went longer or couldn’t get in at all) to get into Wekfest, we certainly feel your pain. But if the reports of people who camped out overnight to secure a prime spot—and it’s damn chilly at Fort Mason being against the water—then you couldn’t have expected it to be any less than intense for what has to be the Bay Area’s biggest gathering of modified cars. What has seemingly grown from its humble beginnings as a parking lot meet in San Francisco’s Japantown also proves that NorCal loves and supports its local car scene immensely—and we wholeheartedly respect that. Right alongside Hawaii, people at Wekfest are diehard about the Bay Area, whether it’s the car clubs or shops that represent, or the clothing labels that rock both car and non-car enthusiasts (illest anyone?). Even the hard to please from SoCal view Wekfest as a prime destination. So, anybody thinking this is just a flash in the pan show, then think again—it’s not. Wekfest doesn’t simply celebrate hardparking or “hellaflushed”ness—there’s a unique car vibe that can only be experienced firsthand by being there yourself. Instead of hating, join the party and celebrate with us.

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By Jonathan Wong
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