In what was quite possibly one of the worst days of sweltering heat in LA just also happened to be the largest gathering of what many could call the best modified Hondas in one place. Nisei Showoff, the last remaining bit of the Import Showoff legacy, continues to thrive in Little Tokyo’s most important cultural event, Nisei Week—and this time, event organizer, Ken Miyoshi called upon The Chronicles to help assemble the ultimate ‘Generations’ team, pulling in past, present and future stars representing the Honda stable. Cars that hadn’t been seen in nearly a decade, some “new” old treasures the world has never known until now and the present fleet of show-dominating builds were a huge treat for car enthusiasts—even we got in on the fun with my Kanjo-inspired EF with Osaka JDM goods. They say history tends to repeat itself, yet I think it’ll be nearly impossible to ever see a group this awesome together ever again.