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8th Annual Japanese Classic Car Show - Timeless

Long Beach, CA

Super Street Staff
Feb 7, 2013
Photographer: Super Street Staff
Sstp 1301 03 o+japanese classic car show+nissan z Photo 1/14   |   8th Annual Japanese Classic Car Show - Timeless

Have you ever heard your dad tell yet another one of his “Back in my day…” car stories and wished you could see some of that “glory days” metal, or just dreamed of a time when there was no C.A.R.B., tint laws, and if a more relaxed law man were more on your side, what you would have done and how you would’ve cruised the streets in style? Well the Japanese Classic Car Show held at the Queen Mary in Long Beach gives you some of both. Immaculately kept Toyota 2000GT’s, Datsun Z cars in way more than 31 flavors and a chance to see so many more rare and respected J-tin this side of the Pacific was something not to be missed. Some of the people at the show are original owners, having been though more sets of carbs than you have birthdays; others may have just picked up the family hand-me-down and had the vision to show that mom’s old Cressida had way more potential than anyone ever thought. Whatever the case, whether you dream of insane modern RB power or the sound of well-tuned Mikunis and tucked 14-inch Speed Stars, wake up, grab your sunscreen and make sure to mark your calendar for next year’s Japanese Classic Car Show..

Sstp 1301 13 o+japanese classic car show+mazda RX3 Photo 2/14   |   8th Annual Japanese Classic Car Show - Timeless


Sstp 1301 14 o+japanese classic car show+nissan skyline Photo 3/14   |   8th Annual Japanese Classic Car Show - Timeless
Sstp 1301 04 o+japanese classic car show+toyota Photo 7/14   |   Hilux resto with a 2JZ swap!
Sstp 1301 08 o+japanese classic car show+fairlady 2000 Photo 11/14   |   Alvin’s Gogineni’s hard-topped '67 Roadster had us weak in the knees from the minute we laid eyes on it. We gave him the SS award of the show, so expect to see a full feature very soon!
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