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Wekfest Austin, Texas - Kings of the South

Nate Hassler
Feb 7, 2013
Sstp 1301 22 o+wekfest texas+honda s2000 Photo 1/28   |   Wekfest Austin, Texas - Kings of the South

Let me start by thanking Adam and the rest of the Weksos guys for scheduling this event in late September. As a thin-blooded California city slicker (You’re from Portland! – SD), I had braced myself for a massive wave of hot humid air as I stepped off the plane late on Friday evening, but the heat never came. The weather this time around would prove to be a far cry from my last excursion to the Lone Star State, and I was A-okay with that. The weather cooperating was the first sign that I was in for an epic weekend in the hometown of the Longhorns, the live music capital of the world, and the endearingly self-titled “weirdest” city in Texas: Austin.

Sstp 1301 04 o+wekfest texas+sleeping Photo 2/28   |   Some people just can’t hang!

The morning of Wekfest Texas came early, although I won’t lie and say I showed up to watch the show roll-in. No, I came at 1:00 pm when the event was set to open to the public, because here at Super Street we like to bond with our fellow enthusiasts. And my how many there were at this show! A line stretched for a good eighth-mile from the entrance of the Palmer Event’s Center to the parking area, I was blown away by the turnout. As I walked past everyone to cut in for the media will call line (remember that thing about bonding with fellow enthusiasts? That doesn’t apply to waiting in lines,) I was pleased to see the hall packed with over 300 of the South Eastern US’ finest cars. Here are a few of my personal favorites.


Sstp 1301 17 o+wekfest texas+wekfest crew Photo 15/28   |   Wekfest Austin, Texas - Kings of the South
Sstp 1301 05 o+wekfest texas+honda CRX Photo 22/28   |   Wekfest Austin, Texas - Kings of the South
By Nate Hassler
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