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18th Annual All Toyotafest

Toyota-Flavored Eye Candy for Every Taste

May 8, 2013
Sstp 1305 07+torc toyotafest+Toyota Levin ITB Photo 1/11   |   AE86 with ITBs

Nothing seems to stir up my emotions quite like a Toyota. My pop's first car when he came to the U.S. from the Philippines was a 1984 Toyota SR5 Corolla Coupe. During my high school years, it seemed like I was the only one rolling in a 1985 Corolla GT-S hatch while everybody else was posing in Honda Civics. And now that I'm living in the tuning mecca of Southern California, I was drawn like a fly to a bug zapper to the 18th Annual All Toyotafest put on by the Toyota Owner's and Restorer's Club (TORC).

Sstp 1305 03+torc toyotafest+Work Meister S1 Photo 2/11   |   Armand Pranadi s Toyota MR2 SW20 with some Work Meister S1s

TORC held its annual shindig this past weekend in Long Beach, California. Toyota aficionados from far and wide gathered and showcased their project cars along the shores of LBC and the legendary Queen Mary ocean liner.

Sstp 1305 01+torc toyotafest+vertex lexus GS430 Photo 3/11   |   Fatlace Yogi Lexus GS430 fitted with a Vertex kit

Toyotafest has evolved from pure restorations to displaying more diverse builds. For example, there was the unique purple Previa I dubbed the "Ube Meister," which was built by Ojay Bayang. Either you hate it or you love it, but there's no denying this Previa has presence. It was fitted with a sexy Avanzare VIP kit and was rocking some Work Meister S1s. Pretty cool in my book...

Sstp 1305 12+torc toyotafest+purple toyota previa Photo 4/11   |   Ojay s 1994 Toyota Previa

I also came across a genuine Toyota 2000GT, which to me has more sex appeal than all existing import models combined. And those were just a couple of my favorites among the sea of awesome Toyota iron splayed out next to the Pacific Ocean. With everything from historic cars that evoked nostalgic feelings to straight up VIP builds, there was Toyota-flavored eye candy for every taste at Toyotafest. My emotions were stirred, indeed. Check out some of the killer Toyotafest stars below and see for yourself.

Sstp 1305 09+torc toyotafest+Front Toyota 2000GT Photo 5/11   |   1967 Toyota 2000GT
Jofel Tolosa
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