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Hot Import Nights - Feelin' Da Vibes

Hot Import Nights Get Even Hotter

Jonathan Wong
Feb 1, 1999

Welcome to my weekend. It consists of kickin' it with friends doing the same old crap. You know, hanging out in parking lots, watching lame movies, poor attempts to hook up with the opposite sex, and, of course, entertaining nights at dance clubs.

But I'm always on the lookout for something to do that's different from just the typical stuff. Last July-before my job here at Super Street-I heard about a show called Hot Import Nights. It promised to be the import car and clubbing scene all rolled into one. That mos' def' caught my attention.

When I went, the thing was jam-packed. So packed that I had to wait 2 hours in a line, and I couldn't even get a ticket into the venue. So packed that police had to keep the crowd in check just to make sure all hell didn't break loose (which it almost did).

The second time around, however, was a totally different game. My new digs at Super Street entitled me to an all-powerful media pass. Expecting the same crowded lines and disarray, I was completely fooled. Upon entrance, the vibe from the first show was there-only better. Complete, unadulterated "off da hook." The boys at Vision Entertainment transformed Irvine Meadows Center into a place swamped with the hottest import cars in the industry. From the entrance to Vendor Row, there were vehicles sporting popular and unique trends ranging from VeilSide, Mügen, right down to some really OG Japanese-spec OEM body parts.

Hanging out at the Super Street vip area was quite a treat. Once again, the Emp and his cohorts were up to no good with their monkey tactics. I love being the new guy (cough, ahem). Just great. And lest we forget, there were hordes of beautiful women and industry models, including supermodel Patricia Ford, whom you could talk to and take snapshots with.

Also making guest appearances were two popular rap bands, Cypress Hill and Black-Eyed Peas, who chilled at the Industry Insider magazine booth to sign autographs and take pictures with their fans. Pepsi was definetly in da house with its interactive rig, complete with a video game center, video screens covering the event, and Southern California radio station DJs spinning for the crowd. Of course, you can't have a club-like atmosphere without a bootie contest, so the radio station hosted a "Shake Yo Bootay" competition. Center Stage also provided entertainment for the After Dark club, which drew its fair share of breakers and clubbers.

By the end of the night, Ron Bergenholtz came out on top, taking home six trophies, including Hottest Import of Show. Maurice Huynh took home Hottest Lighting and received a $250 prize and lighting equipment from Toucan Industries. And, of course, Mommy Charlotte of Team Kosoku, took home the Hottest Female award with her turbocharged Odyssey.

This Hot Import Nights definitely gave out some kickin' vibes and outperformed the previous event. Due to the success of these two shows, Vision Entertainment plans on expanding Hot Import Nights to New York, Florida, and other venues in Southern California. For more infomation, contact Vision Entertainment at 949/376-6942.

Behind Da Scenes So what does our FNG Jonathan do when he isn't busy harassing us for free car parts or to put his friends' cars into the mag? He roams around import car events using cheap lines to mack on poor unsuspecting females. Here's a sampling: "Hi, I'm Jonathan from Super Street magazine. Wanna pose for a picture?" Poor approach, but the results speak for themselves. -MP

Show winners:
Hottest Import of Show Ron Bergenholtz
Hottest Lighting Maurice Huynh
Hottest Display Ron Bergenholtz
Hottest Euro Jason Lee
Hottest Exotic George Peniche
Hottest Engine Ron Bergenholtz
Hottest Interior Steve Shaw
Hottest Undercarriage Ron Bergenholtz
Hottest Graphics Jason Whitfield
Hottest Honda Steve Shaw
Hottest Acura Ron Bergenholtz
Hottest Nissan Ronnie Pasztor
Hottest Toyota R&L Pautin
Hottest Mitsubishi Roy de Guzman
Hottest Mazda Larry Kyosai
Hottest Volkswagen Shaun Tai
Hottest Female Charlotte de Vera
Hottest Club Autobuts
Two-door Wild Ron Bergenholtz
Two-door Mild Brian Yoshino
Two-door Street Bernard Afable
Four-door Wild Steve Shaw
Four-door Mild Roy de Guzman
Four-door Street Christine Kawamura

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By Jonathan Wong
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