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Tuner Evolution 10-Year Anniversary Car Show

400-plus of the East Coast's hottest cars under one roof in Philadelphia

Aug 3, 2016

Tuner Evolution has been puttin' on some of the biggest car shows on the East Coast since '06, and it's crazy to think that a Super Street staff member has never physically made it out there to see what it was all about! Well, last Saturday, I finally took the plunge, hopped on a redeye to Philly, and popped Super Street's Tuner Evo cherry at their 10th anniversary mega show. All I can say is, damn ... we should've gone sooner!

Tuner evolution 2016 yellow frs Photo 2/66   |   Tuner Evolution 2016 Yellow Frs

Filling three halls of the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, more than 400 dope cars were on hand. We've seen the quality of builds continue to pick up on the East Coast and it was evident at TE, as it took us nearly the entire day to walk the show - you'll get a taste of what I'm talking about here, but in my opinion, you just have to be there to experience everything the event has to offer. Tuner Evo isn't just bare bones car show but a full-day experience with breakdancing competitions, BMX stunt riders, RC cars and live performances. There was also plenty of female eye candy as well with several popular models in town that had cameras flashing for hours - Dannie Riel (@dannieriel), Janis True (@janistrue), Ela Pasion (@misselapasion) and Marie Madore (@marie_madore) just to name a few.

Tuner evolution 2016 ela passion Photo 3/66   |   Tuner Evolution 2016 Ela Passion

Tuner Evolution is a nice hybrid of the old-school import shows, however with a larger variety of rides and entertainment. Mixed together with lots of energy and one of the friendliest staffs I've had to work with, TE will easily be on my travel calendar for next year. Congrats on a great event Tuner Evolution, and cheers to another 10 years!

Tuner evolution 2016 gene siepka nissan 370z Photo 4/66   |   Tuner Evolution 2016 Gene Siepka Nissan 370Z
Tuner evolution 2016 rocket bunny brz Photo 11/66   |   Tuner Evolution 2016 Rocket Bunny Brz
Tuner evolution 2016 liberty walk gtrs Photo 18/66   |   Tuner Evolution 2016 Liberty Walk Gtrs
Tuner evolution 2016 rwb prince Photo 28/66   |   Tuner Evolution 2016 Rwb Prince
Tuner evolution 2016 lizzie dee Photo 35/66   |   Tuner Evolution 2016 Lizzie Dee
Tuner evolution 2016 golf bbs Photo 45/66   |   Tuner Evolution 2016 Golf Bbs
Tuner evolution 2016 lexus is sportcross Photo 52/66   |   Tuner Evolution 2016 Lexus Is Sportcross
Tuner evolution 2016 euro r Photo 59/66   |   Tuner Evolution 2016 Euro R
Tuner evolution 2016 twin turbo accord Photo 66/66   |   Tuner Evolution 2016 Twin Turbo Accord


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