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 |   |  Engine Bay Buffet – Eibach Honda Meet 2016
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Engine Bay Buffet – Eibach Honda Meet 2016

Peeking under several hoods at the largest Honda enthusiast gathering on the West Coast

May 26, 2016
Photographers: Bob Hernandez, Jofel Tolosa

For a number of years now, Honda engine bay customization has demanded more attention, time, and money from enthusiasts than any other aspect of car building – so much so that even competitive race vehicle engine bays are looking better than ever. From fully shaved and tucked setups that have people asking if the car even runs to well sorted and functional bays that make removing and replacing a complete engine and transmission at the track that much easier, the creativity and innovation continues to pour in.

As with anything ultra hot in the Honda world, debate and one-upmanship is a huge part of the process. And while some spend every waking hour looking for anything to separate themselves from the next guy’s build with slick tricks, others stick to a more simple formula, never veering far from an OEM feel but still incorporating a personal touch.

Making our way through Storm Stadium’s parking area real estate, we grabbed a few photos of various styles …

Rcs garage em1 front Photo 2/32   |   Rcs Garage Em1 Front
Rcs garage civic em1 bay Photo 3/32   |   Rcs Garage Civic Em1 Bay

It’s tough to compile a list of Honda engine bays without mentioning RCs Garage. Having made an impact on the community since his first major build showed up in the pages of Honda Tuning magazine years ago, he’s been the go-to guy for just about anything bay related. His latest masterpiece is Mike Schietroma’s K-powered EM1, and having displayed at SEMA and landed on the cover of Super Street’s annual Honda Issue, it’s safe to say that RCs not missing a step.

Honda n600 restomod engine Photo 4/32   |   Honda N600 Restomod Engine

Try as you might, you’re not going to find too many expertly restored N600s powered by a Honda Interceptor VFR800 motorcycle engine. Dean Williams has done an outstanding job with this project, and as much as he’s enjoyed piloting this build, it may be at home with a new owner by the time you read this. Ready to tackle a whole new project, he’s put his N600 up for auction.

White honda s2000 turbo Photo 5/32   |   White Honda S2000 Turbo
Turbo honda f20c engine Photo 6/32   |   Turbo Honda F20c Engine

Tho Ly’s boosted roadster is much more than just a pretty bay and expensive aero. This LA Sleeved F20C gets a kick in the ass from a Garrett GTX3076R and pumps out over 500hp. The nasty 2.0L is housed within a shaved and tucked bay that places all of the go-fast goodies right in the middle of the space, leaving an eerily empty feel along the sides that looks incredible in person. There you have some show and go – something any car junkie can appreciate.

Honda civic jseries swap Photo 7/32   |   Honda Civic Jseries Swap

The thirst for torque has never been more real. Some say the J-series is far too heavy for a Civic, but the truth is Hasport’s Brian Gillespie went on a weighing spree and found that the 3.2L version of Honda’s V6 tipped the scales at just 65 lbs. more than an H-series. Is that still too much? Only you and your build know the answer to that.

Downstar Civic K copy Photo 8/32   |   Downstar Civic K Copy

Frank Garcia of Downstar Inc. has always had an engine bay fetish and can be found constantly making changes to his K-powered JDM SiR-S. This time around he opted for a complete color change and, if you look closely, he’s also shaved the valve cover’s oil dipstick and filler ports.

Jackson racing supercharged integra Photo 9/32   |   Jackson Racing Supercharged Integra

Carter Gillespie and the crew at Hasport have shoehorned this Jackson Racing supercharged K24 heart into a track-only Integra DA. No shaving, chrome bits or tucked anything – this car is all business.

Turbo k20 sheepey built turbo Photo 10/32   |   Turbo K20 Sheepey Built Turbo
Acura integra itb b18 Photo 32/32   |   Acura Integra Itb B18
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