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GReddy USA Open House & Meet 2016

Crowd braves sweltering temps to check out company’s North American HQ and newly remodeled digs for Boost Brigade

Aug 3, 2016

Few brand names command as much respect as Greddy’s. The offshoot of Japanese company Trust has seen the highest of highs – primarily in motorsports – and weathered some tough times, too – a bankruptcy reorganization at the apex of the last global recession gave everyone a good scare – over its almost 40 years in existence. Through it all, the name and reputation remains bulletproof and has come to be synonymous with high performance in the tuner space.

Greddy sign Photo 2/57   |   Greddy Sign

In America, and especially in Southern California, we’re lucky to have Greddy USA’s headquarters in the central Orange County community of Irvine, and when they say they’re opening their doors to the public for an open house, you know fans will come running – in spite of oppressive late-July heat and humidity. Like events before at the facility, modified cars and their enthusiast owners clogged the curbs up and down the street in front of Greddy USA HQ, while in its parking lot sat a vendor row and a handful of drool-inducing vehicle displays.

S2000 Hakosuka Photo 6/57   |   S2000 Hakosuka

If your particular envy happens to be for R35, you were in luck, as there was no fewer than three hard parked: pro BMXer Coco Zurita’s Road Race Engineering, Rocket Bunny widebodied whip; Evasive Motorsport’s ubiquitous time attack machine; and Royal Origin’s Liberty Walk widebody GT-R.’s Greg Park brought out his pristine Hakosuka to show these young guns how it’s done, and elsewhere Sung Kang’s RB26-engined 240Z “Fugu Z” also wowed the crowd. Evasive brought out an S2000 as well, one of two showing, while the old-news Rocket-Bunny RC 350 F Sport and Pandem-RC-F, in addition to a pair of 86s – one for daily driving, one for pro drifting, both piloted by Ken Gushi – represented the Toyota brand. It’s worth noting that Greddy USA is the official distributor for Rocket Bunny/Pandem, which is why so much of it was on exhibit.

Boost Brigade tank tops Photo 10/57   |   Boost Brigade Tank Tops

Gushi was on hand to give out autographs, while sellers from Evasive, Mackin (distributors of Volk Racing, Gram Lights, Advan wheels, and Project Mu, among others), KW suspensions, and Royal Origin occupied the vendor area in the parking lot. Inside, attendees got to tour the newly remodeled Boost Brigade showroom, as well as throw down their hard-earned cash to pick up the latest BB fashions.

Allow your eyeholes to feast on the photos in our gallery from the event, and if you want more you can also check out our Facebook Live video from our visit to the Greddy USA Open House 2016.

Rocket Bunny RC 350 F Sport Pandem RC F Photo 14/57   |   Rocket Bunny RC 350 F Sport Pandem RC F
GT R Hakosuka R35 Photo 36/57   |   GT R Hakosuka R35
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