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HKS Premium Day 2015 - Fastest Times & Photos

Time Attack coverage and pit walkthrough

Mike Sabounchi
Feb 5, 2015
Topfuels2000 scenery Photo 2/90   |   Topfuels2000 Scenery

HKS PREMIUM DAY 2015. Before we get into the article let’s start off by saying, HKS Premium day is one of those events in the world that you absolutely must add to your Calendar. There is no other time or place in the world where you will find the very best built cars in Japan in one place at one time! Yes, there is always Tokyo Auto Salon but for the most part, that event is a showcase / car show, many of those cars will never see pavement let alone track time, that’s where HKS Premium Day comes in. HKS premium day started 6 years ago when the guys at HKS Japan got the bright idea to show off what their parts could do on the track, and it has grown into a massive event with a huge cult following.

Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 - Day 1 Mega Gallery

Topsecretgtr scenery Photo 15/90   |   Topsecretgtr Scenery

HKS is a company that believes in testing their parts time and time again, they don’t just design parts for peak horsepower and a short shelf life; they literally design their aftermarket parts around real world testing data. Not only does premium day provide a place for people to show off their HKS products on the track, it also provides HKS with tons of performance data for their new and old parts to help them progress as a company. Recently, HKS has made resurgence in the USA under the wing of Motovicity Distribution, with their help HKS USA is now official again. When we got the email from the guys over at Motovicity that they might have one spot open for Premium Day 2015 we literally jumped at the opportunity. Long story short, we got the green light and ended up in Japan to cover this glorious event.

GarageF legacy driver Photo 22/90   |   Garagef Legacy Driver
Legacy bg5 timeattack wagon Photo 23/90   |   Legacy Bg5 Timeattack Wagon
Espri nsx track Photo 24/90   |   Espri Nsx Track

HKS Premium day has just about every base covered if you’re a car nut. The day’s events include: Super Lap – Time Attack Event Passenger Ride Alongs Track Tour Dyno pull area showcasing the new HKS Supercharger line Customized Car Show Talk Show Q&A with Japans best drivers New Product Showcase HKS Parts marketplace And much more. In fact, there is so much stuff going on, that it was literally impossible for just one man (me) to cover the entire day. The entire racetrack was absolutely packed to brim with spectators and people who wanted to show off their cars. Even the drifting course 1/8th mile away was overflowing with people. Since HKS believes that all their parts should work on the track at all times, I chose to focus my coverage on the Time-Attack side of things.

R32 gtr timeattack Photo 25/90   |   R32 Gtr Timeattack
Kansai service r35 gtr Photo 26/90   |   Kansai Service R35 Gtr
Garagemakz Frontend Photo 33/90   |   Garagemakz Frontend
Primegarage laurelvs gt3rs Photo 43/90   |   Primegarage Laurelvs Gt3rs

As you can see from the pit photos, some of the biggest time attack cars on the world attend this event and many of these teams have competed and won in the World Time Attack Challenge. Garage Defend, Top Secret, Garage G-Force, Top Fuel, Kansai Service, Power House Amuse, MCR, Pan Speed, and GarageMak are just a few of the shops that showed up in full force at Premium Day.

Panspeed rx7 track Photo 44/90   |   Panspeed Rx7 Track
Espritnsxpremiumday Photo 57/90   |   Espritnsxpremiumday
Garagemak s15 Photo 67/90   |   Garagemak S15

The absolute fastest time of the day was set in the HKS Demo R35 GTR driven by Nobuteru Taniguchi at 1:37.773. Since that car along with the Endless Racing Z4 was in the exhibition class, the times didn’t really count but damn that’s fast.

Taniguchihksgtr Photo 68/90   |   Taniguchihksgtr
Hks gtr Photo 69/90   |   Hks Gtr
Endlessz4 Photo 70/90   |   Endlessz4

Fresh Tokyo Car Meet - Photo Gallery

The next fastest time of the day was set in the Top Fuel S2000 running in the Light 2wd class, which was also driven by Nobuteru Taniguchi. With some serious suspension and Aero tweaks from last year they managed to shave over a second off their previous best posting up a 1:39.131 Yes, that car was rocking HKS Suspension as well.

Topfuels2000taniguchi Photo 71/90   |   Topfuels2000taniguchi

In the 4WD Class, the orange striped R32 GTR from ATTKD Autech Co. squeezed out a 1:40.925. The Garage ITO R34 GTR was close behind with a 1:41.508. These times are mind blowing.

Autechtsukador32 Photo 72/90   |   Autechtsukador32

In the Heavy 2WD Class the old Z32 Chassis reigned supreme and the C & Y Sports 300ZX TT posted up a 1:47.977. However, the big news here was the world debut of the SR20 powered Prime Garage C35 Laurel. It didn’t post the fastest time of the day, since this was it’s maiden voyage but it surely turned the most heads. The big 4-door beast managed to squeak out a 1:48.423

Cysports z32 Photo 73/90   |   Cysports Z32
Prime garage c35 laurel track Photo 74/90   |   Prime Garage C35 Laurel Track
Laurelsr20det Photo 75/90   |   Laurelsr20det
Prime garage c35 laurel Photo 76/90   |   Prime Garage C35 Laurel

The fastest supercharged BRZ/ FRS of the event was the Original Runduce FRS posting up a 1:50.955 and the fastest NA BRZ / FRS of the day was the Kansai Service BRZ with a 1:58.970

The final class of the day was the 4WD R class where the R32 GTR of Endless / REVERSE powered through the track at 1:50.484.

Endless r32 gtr Photo 77/90   |   Endless R32 Gtr
Endlessr32 gtr Photo 78/90   |   Endlessr32 Gtr

Unfortunately, the Top Secret GTR had a engine failure on the front straight ending it's campaign for the day. I was sad to see that happen because that car was one of the best looking time attack cars I've ever seen.

While these were the main time attack classes of the day, other participants with mildly tuned builds still got the opportunity for plenty of track time. Daily driven GTR’s, Evo’s and STi’s, along with everything else from S15’s to Cresta’s to, RX7’s came out to shakedown their cars on the track.

Garagemak z track Photo 82/90   |   Garagemak Z Track
Do luck r33 gtr Photo 89/90   |   Do Luck R33 Gtr

HKS premium Day 2015 was as close as it get’s to dying and going to heaven. In fact, I had to check myself a few times because every car I saw induced a very embarrassing “oh face” as I walked through the paddock. Stay tuned for more coverage of Premium Day 2015 where we will highlight the new parts line up for 2015 and we go on an exclusive HKS Factory tour. Major thanks to Motovicity and HKS USA for giving us the opportunity of a lifetime.

Evo tow truck Photo 90/90   |   Evo Tow Truck
By Mike Sabounchi
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