There are two kinds of people: Those who attend the Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS) and those who read about it from several thousand miles away. This year's TAS seemed to revolve around two cars: Nissan's all-new GT-R and every other factory-turbo'd all-wheel-drive beast. No matter, the major players we care about still made their appearances, representing all that Honda is good for despite all of the AWD hoopla. Mugen, Top Fuel, J's Racing, were each there and each, of course, flaunted what they do best-building some of the baddest Honda's this side of, well, Japan. Whether or not that makes sense, all of this was enough to make any Honda die-hard forget that one of the largest North American auto shows happened to be going on at just about the same time. Sure, the Detroit Auto Show is nice and all, if you're after sedan unveilings and minivan walk arounds, but none of that comes close to the bright lights, super-loud J-pop music and even brighter cars that are the Salon.