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Fresh Tokyo Car Meet 2017

Our annual kickoff event for the SS Japan Tour

Jan 12, 2017

Japan will surprise you. Just when you think you’ve seen everything there is to see in the tuner world, enthusiasts and builders of Japan will come up with something that will enlighten even the darkest of keyboard warriors. Two years ago, Sam and I were doing the usual - sitting around the cubicle whilst checking out import models on our social media. We were in the final stages of planning out my first trip to Japan when I thought to myself, why don’t we have a car meet? Luckily, Hardcore Japan had the right connections to get the word out to locals and even secure a venue for the meet.

This year we returned to Decks Tokyo Beach. Car meets in Japan are nothing like the ones you see in the States. You don’t have the random douchebag revving engines or doing burnouts, because the name of the game is respect. You can always expect to see a good mix of locals and military.

A few hours into our trip in Japan and we’re already getting in trouble with the local authorities. Who knows what adventures we’ll get into next. Be sure to follow Editor-In-Chief, Sam Du, and myself as we take on the motherland for our annual Japan tour!

Calsonic r32 gtr front Photo 2/29   |   Before you even say it, we know – you had this car in your garage on Gran Turismo. But seeing this icon in person is a whole new experience.
Toyota corolla fronts Photo 3/29   |   Battle scars build character
Mazda mx5 te37 Photo 4/29   |   This MX-5 has the right idea. Classic bronze TE37s and a simple lip kit drive home the “less is more” motto.
Nissan 350z rear diffuser Photo 5/29   |   You’d park this direction too if you had this badass diffuser stuffed under the rear bumper of your Z.
Maserati gran turismo front Photo 6/29   |   Sometimes, among the incredible Skylines and RX-7s, you come across a highly modified Maserati Gran Turismo. Only in Japan …
Supra rx7 tokyo fresh Photo 7/29   |   ‘90s heroes? Sure, we saw plenty of those, too
Old school skyline rear Photo 8/29   |   An old-school Skyline in absolutely pristine condition? Sure, we have space for you.
Mazda rx7 fc front Photo 9/29   |   It was tough to take our eyes off of this picture perfect Mazda FC. Hard to believe this car has around three decades under its belt.
White honda nsx rear Photo 19/29   |   White Honda Nsx Rear
WRX Skyline Photo 29/29   |   WRX Skyline
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