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Tokyo Auto Salon 2017 – Sneak Preview

Your ticket inside Japan’s largest aftermarket car show (and before the thousands of creepers are allowed in)

Jan 12, 2017

Every year, the very first week of November, most of us know what to get ready for, what to expect will be flooding our social media channels – I’m talking about the SEMA Show. It’s the Super Bowl of the aftermarket automotive industry, which takes place in Las Vegas, filled with cars and trucks of all types, not to mention support from OEMs, thousands of vendors, buyers, and more. The total attendance easily clears over a hundred thousand people during the four-day affair. Outside of SEMA, there’s another show that you need to put on your bucket list if you’re an enthusiast. It happens every second week of January, and that event, my friends, is Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS).

Tokyo Auto Salon is a bit of an ongoing tradition at Super Street. Every year the entire staff makes an effort to ditch the office for a week, spend three days at Japan’s largest aftermarket show, then going to every shop we possibly can, some of which we’ve dreamt about visiting since we were kids. This year is no different, as we’re back again to bring you the most thorough report possible on the always-exciting show. With around 900 cars on the floor of Makuhari Messe, we’ll be bringing you the best of the best, whether your cup of tea is drift, show, stance, time attack, or VIP. I often tell people that TAS is the Japan equivalent of SEMA, but in the end, when you’ve grown up dreaming about Skylines, Supras, 180s, RX-7s and Civics, there’s nothing quite as massive and thrilling.

Now, if you’ve ever been to or seen snaps of TAS, you’ll understand that there are 300,000 people who can easily get in the way of pretty much every photo you take; however, we managed to sneak past security during setup day and bring you this exclusive preview of what’s to come this weekend. Stay tuned for more from Japan!

Falken tire porsche Photo 2/59   |   Our friends at Falken Tire had their booth set up in no time and already backed this badass race Porsche into its new home for the next few days.
Hand engraved van door Photo 3/59   |   There’s detail work and then there’s DETAIL WORK.
Vw golf widebody rear Photo 4/59   |   It’s always nice to run across a non-Japanese vehicle or two during the show and this Pandem-equipped V-dub looked right at home on display.
Black mazda rx7 pandem Photo 5/59   |   One of the meanest looking RX-7s we’ve ever come across.
Porsche pancross super street stickers Photo 6/59   |   Represent!
Monster sport engines Photo 7/59   |   Monster Sport pulled out all the stops and brought a complete inventory of engines to show off their products and handiwork.
Calsonic r35 gtr Photo 8/59   |   Get past the aggressive aero on this Calsonic R35 and you might notice the slick door-exit exhaust setup.
Mitsubishi starion rear quarter Photo 9/59   |   Widebody builds might be commonplace these days, but you definitely haven’t seen many Starion widebody builds!
Gruppem mazda rx7 Photo 34/59   |   Gruppem Mazda Rx7
Ssr wheels sklyline Photo 59/59   |   Ssr Wheels Sklyline
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