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SEMA Show 2012 | Top Products from Sema

What you missed, we didn’t

Peter Tarach
Apr 22, 2013

Another SEMA Show has come and gone, and by now you've probably seen all the photos of the cars that dropped jaws and raised some eyebrows (and some that left us scratching our heads), but what you didn't see online were all the latest and greatest products you'll soon be able to (or already can) buy.

That's why we've skipped the car photos from our coverage and instead painstakingly scoured the show to find what we think are the top products from SEMA. So get that credit card ready because you're going to need it after you finish this article.

1303 modp 01 o+2013 sema show+heat wraps Photo 1/57   |   Stop radiant heat from creating excessive engine bay temperatures and make it work in your favor with some quality heat wrap products from DEI.
1303 modp 20 o+2013 sema show+no cut shifter Photo 14/57   |   For you Honda nuts, K-Tuned was showing off many of its newly released products for K-swaps, including a no-cut shifter and firewall shifter cable grommet.
1303 modp 22 o+2013 sema show+chassis_ Photo 24/57   |   Whiteline is another company that has gone to great lengths with FR-S/BRZ parts development. This entire wall was dedicated to the chassis and the WRX, to which some of these parts also bolt on.
1303 modp 35 o+2013 sema show+harrier cast performance Photo 34/57   |   Hawk, known for its brake pads, has entered the wheel market with the new Harrier III cast performance wheel available in 18-inch sizes and five-lug bolt patterns.
1303 modp 46 o+2013 sema show+intake system Photo 44/57   |   The new '12 Civic Si finally has some worthy power-adders. K&N's intake system boasts gains of 11 hp and 9 lb-ft of torque.
1303 modp 39 o+2013 sema show+gm ls v8 engines Photo 54/57   |   The folks over at MSD have engineered a rather ingenious EFI system for GM LS V8 engines. The wireless Atomic EFI is self-learning and self-tuning. Plus, it has integrated fuel rails and ECU, meaning there's no ECU to mount.
By Peter Tarach
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