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AWD Smackdown - Event

Mitsubishi Vs. Subaru Showdown 2007

Aaron Bonk
Nov 1, 2007
Photographer: Henry Z. DeKuyper
0711_turp_01_z+mitsubishi_lancer_evolution_8+right_front_view Photo 1/11   |   8.56@168 mph
AMS's EVO ran an all-time best 8.56 at 168 mph and took home First Place in the Mitsubishi Quick 8 class

Wakeman, Ohio's population just about doubles this time each year. Credit David Buschur, founder and president of Buschur racing for that. Famous for it's annual Diamond Star Shootout - 12 years in the running - Buschur's No. 2 event after three years is picking up momentum in its own right. The two-day, two-make face off takes place mid-June each year at Buschur central where several dozen Diamond Stars and EVOs, WRXs and STIs, even Colts and Mirages gather for the informal car show and King of the Dyno competition.

0711_turp_02_z+mitsubishi_lancer_evolutions+parked Photo 2/11   |   AWD Smackdown - Event

A short supply of Subarus on Saturday ensured easy success for EVOs on Buschur's Mustang dynamometer. A mid-morning dyno pull on Buschur's race car netting 755 hp all but discouraged further dyno competitors so the guy's graciously made the announcement and pulled all shop cars from the lineup. Mike Schultz ended up taking King of the Dyno honors for the Mitsubishi camp posting a best of 381 hp while Bill McDaniel did so in the name of Subaru by laying down 297 hp in his STI. In addition to the Buschur Racing mid-700hp pass, the guys also laid down further impressive EVO pulls: 627 hp in David Buschur's daily driven EVO RS and a 525hp pump-gas pull on Trent Stanley's EVO commuter.

Day two festivities were held at nearby Summit Motorsports Park where Mitsubishi again gave Subaru the beat-down with a record-setting 8.56 e.t. at 168 mph courtesy of the guys from AMS. One thing's for sure, the Subaru guys need to step things up a notch next year.



Buschur Racing
Wakeman, OH 44889
By Aaron Bonk
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