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No Star Bash

Chicago, Illinois

Brad Sillars
Sep 25, 2013

Just west of St. Louis in Madison, Illinois, lies Gateway Motorsports Park. On April 6 and 7 it opened its gates to the Midwest drift community and was the stage of this year's Drift Indy & Club FR Midwest No Star Bash. Two days of tire extermination, hard driving, fast entries, and a capped off driver's list set the 2013 season off with a bang. Said list was packed with every skill level from beginners to a few individuals having dabbled in Formula Drift.

Drift Indy/MDU regular Brian Peter came out with his FC RX-7 having ditched a Cadillac V-8 for a 2JZ. Mike Skudlarek in his V-8-powered RPS13 put on an excellent smoke show as usual.

No star bash nissan 240SX 01 Photo 2/21   |   No Star Bash

Amongst all the vehicles participating, one in particular stood out above the rest. The SR-powered "Coyote" built by Mike O'Mara spared little time going through its share of tires. This tube-framed skeleton vehicle utilizes 240SX front and rear subframes allowing it to keep OEM and aftermarket 240SX suspension parts. The 280hp Coyote weighs in around 1,200 pounds. Do the math and the weight/power ratio of this thing is almost that of a Bugatti Veyron.

An almost identical pair of Risky Devil BRZs had spectators thinking they were seeing double. The Breaking Miata and FD were rocking some fresh paint with the same awesome color scheme. Their retina-burning yellow wheels make them stand out at any event.

The guys from Hoonigans showed up to film and upped the ante by offering cash rewards for anyone who would pull something "rad off" on camera. Killer smoke? Here's some dough. Wrecked your car in an awesome way? Cha-ching! Smashed also came through with a booth displaying their new clothing line of carnage-related designs.

The weekend came to an end, having given everyone a healthy dose of what is to come in the rest of this 2013 season with future ClubFR and Drift Indy events scheduled. Stay tuned to Drift Indy and ClubFR social media to follow all the events!

No star bash touge factory S13 14 Photo 6/21   |   No Star Bash
No star bash nissan 240SX 02 Photo 10/21   |   No Star Bash
No star bash lexus SC 20 Photo 14/21   |   No Star Bash
No star bash nissan 240SX intercooler 19 Photo 18/21   |   No Star Bash
By Brad Sillars
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