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2013 Street Car Shootout Dyno + E-test + DB Test Day

Because with great power comes great responsibility.

Sep 27, 2013

That’s right, we care about the environment and we care about your eardrums (or at least our mother’s eardrums) almost as much as we care about peak horsepower, midrange torque, and area under the curve. Plus we think any legit street car should be running a catalytic converter and a properly muffled exhaust system, which is exactly why we added an emissions test and an exhaust dB test to our traditional “power under the curve” dyno event. (If you haven’t followed our previous six Shootout events, we use the best 3,000 rpm for each entry and then total this range in 100-rpm increments for a “power under the curve” total, the highest total taking the maximum 25 points for the event and all the other teams being scored on a percentage basis against the winning total.)

As is now a well-established tradition, we once again bribed UMS Tuning’s Tony Szirka with craft beer and Crown Royal in exchange for his tireless dyno testing services on UMS’ highly accurate Dynapack hub dyno. But even before the dyno competition officially got under way, Tony was busy tuning the AEM EMS on JDL Auto Design’s turbocharged Scion FR-S. Ronnie Jackson and the crew from JDL were ecstatic to have spun the UMS Dynapack to the tune of 400 whp at 17 psi with their prototype turbo kit, but some late-night testing on the Arizona interstate resulted in a thrown rod and a DNF before the Shootout even started. Bummer.

We had two other ZN6s in the competition, though: Crawford Performance’s turbocharged BRZ and Innovate Motorsports’ supercharged FR-S. CP’s BRZ gave the Subaru camp a lot to be proud of, placing Third on the dyno and making peak power of 413 whp at 6,100 rpm. Things didn’t go as smoothly for Innovate’s FR-S, though, whose Ecutek-reprogrammed ECU appeared to be going into safe mode, preventing their direct-bolt-on, twin-screw supercharger from doing any work. Instead, Innovate had to live with stock power numbers and last place on the dyno.

Dyno day mitsubishi evolution Photo 2/9   |   2013 Street Car Shootout Dyno + E-test + DB Test Day

The other significant piece of dyno drama came from Full-Race’s crazy R14 (a Nissan S14 with a GT-R RB26 engine and AWD conversion), which had a serious fuel issue as soon it began to get into the boost. By the time the Full-Race crew had pinpointed the problem, they’d used up their three official dyno pulls, and so finished a disappointing 11th out of 14 teams. But once they turned down the boost and changed out a leaky fuel rail, they unofficially spun the UMS Dynapack to the awesome total of 786 whp at 28 psi, a lower boost setting than they were attempting to use during their official runs.

Privateer David Bruzewski brought his badass Mitsubishi Evolution VIII all the way from Michigan and quickly proved what a stroked and AMS-massaged 4G63T is capable of, winning the dyno competition by a significant margin with a total horsepower of 21,791 to go along with a big fat powerband from 5,000 to 8,000 rpm and peak power of 744 whp at 7,500 rpm.

Second Place on the dyno went to another long-haul privateer, Georgia native and southern gentleman Bobby Poage and his turbocharged, 20B-equipped FD RX-7. As you might expect from a rotary, Bobby’s boosted three-rotor wasn’t a torque monster, but it still posted an impressive 16,620 total horsepower along with an amazing 635 whp at 7,600 rpm. Apparently Bobby’s seen numbers over the 700-wheel mark, so we’re guessing he dialed things back a bit to ensure his FD would last through the weekend.

Dyno day dynograph Photo 3/9   |   2013 Street Car Shootout Dyno + E-test + DB Test Day

Jeremy Ward returned as our official e-tester and dB meter man, using a five-gas tailpipe sniffer and NASA AZ’s digital dB meter. Based on the EPA’s Teir II Bin 8 standards, the most generous of existing light-duty vehicle standards, a hydrocarbon (HC) measurement of 18 ppm or lower would result in five points (and anything above this zero points) and a nitrogen oxide (NOx) measurement of 20 mg/m3 or lower would result in an additional five points (and anything above this zero points).

Only five teams passed the HC test, including the low-stress LS1 V8 in John Lazorack’s ultracool Conquest. It was surprising and impressive to see both Sean Hammad’s turbocharged E36 M3 and Mak Auto’s turbo RB25 Nissan S13 pass the HC standard, especially when you consider these machines finished Fifth and Sixth on the dyno and make 500 whp and 450 whp, respectively. That’s a lot of Mother Nature hugging jam right there. Half the teams passed the NOx test, including all three of our all-motor entries—Hasport’s V6 Honda CRX, GodSpeed Project’s K24-powered Honda Civic Si, and Lazorack’s V8 Conquest—but the two most powerful cars in the event, Full-Race’s R14 and Bruzewski’s Evo, also miraculously managed to score five points.

The exhaust sound level test was based on the CARB standard of 95 dB for a street-legal car, although we measured from a slightly greater distance than CARB does just to give our teams a little leeway. A dB measurement above 95 would result in zero points, while a measurement of 95 dB or lower resulted in five points. Only half the teams managed to pass, the quietest machine being the 81 dB registered by Pablo Sanchez Soria’s Mazdaspeed3. Loi Song and Ken Suen from team GodSpeed must have thought the highest dB would win, because their “Big Red” Civic Si posted an ear-piercing 105 dB. Hardly what we’d call street-friendly (or street-legal), and yet we saw driver Ken Suen ripping around Phoenix in Big Red a few hours later!

Power Under the Curve*

Rank TEAM PUC Points
1 David Bruzewski Evo VIII 21,791.739 25.00
2 Bobby Poage FD 16,620.090 19.07
3 RS Motors Evo IX 14,148.683 16.23
4 Sean Hammad M3 13,061.067 14.98
5 Crawford BRZ 12,342.628 14.14
6 Mak Auto S13 12,063.443 13.84
7 FAT/Snail WRX 11,241.504 12.90
8 Pablo MS3 9,424.055 10.82
9 Gabe Ortega Civic 9,129.304 10.47
10 John Lazorack Conquest 9,087.576 10.43
11 Full Race R14 7,880.363 9.04
12 GodSpeed Civic 7,402.91 8.49
13 Hasport CRX 6,617.888 7.59
14 Innovate FR-S 5,415.428 6.21

*PUC=total HP in 100-rpm increments across best 3,000 rpm

Emissions HC TEST NOx Test Exhaust dB Test
TEAM Ppm Points mg/m3 Points dB Points
Gabe Ortega Civic 60 0.00 0.4 5.00 pass 5.00
Hasport CRX 36 0.00 0.1 5.00 pass 5.00
GodSpeed Civic 46 0.00 0.4 5.00 105 0.00
David Bruzewski Evo VIII 152 0.00 0.1 5.00 fail 0.00
RS Motors Evo IX 27 0.00 21 0.00 fail 0.00
FAT/Snail WRX 146 0.00 87 0.00 pass 5.00
John Lazorack Conquest 14 5.00 2 5.00 pass 5.00
Bobby Poage FD 683 0.00 548 0.00 fail 0.00
Innovate FR-S 13 5.00 49 0.00 fail 0.00
Sean Hammad M3 13 5.00 35 0.00 pass 5.00
Crawford BRZ 123 0.00 296 0.00 99 0.00
Pablo MS3 12 5.00 1 5.00 81 5.00
Mak Auto S13 7 5.00 31 0.00 95 5.00
Full Race R14 970 0.00 15 5.00 103 0.00

HC LIMIT = 18 ppm5 points if ppm = 18 ppm or less0 points if ppm = 19 or more
NOx LIMIT = 20 mg/m35 points if mg/m3 = 20 or less0 points if mg/m3 = 21 or more
dB LIMIT = 955 points if dB = 95 or less0 points if dB = 96 or more



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