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All Star Bash 2013 (w/video)

More power, more people and wild weekend drifting

Sean Russell
Oct 24, 2013
Videographers: Corey Denomy, Mark Lenardon

All Star Bash Details:

  • 125 cars participated
  • Formula Drift drivers to amateurs took part
  • 1,700 estimated weekend spectators
  • Guinness World Record tandem drift record attempted
  • Occurred at Willow Springs Raceway in Rosamond, CA

Horsepower, spent tires and trackside campsites laden with tools/parts, adult beverages and audio equipment rang in All Star Bash 2013. Just a week after the 2013 Formula Drift season eclipsed 125 drift cars and an estimated 1,700 spectators from around the world converged at Willow Springs Raceway in Rosamond, CA for JustDrift’s annual grassroots event. Formula Drift pros such as champion Michael Essa, Matt Field, Dai Yoshihara and rookie Nate Hamilton kicked it alongside Top Drift series drivers and local enthusiasts. It was the biggest ASB meeting to date and a total blast.

All_Star_Bash_2013_at_Willow_Springs_01 Photo 2/103   |   All Star Bash 2013 At Willow Springs 01

Paul Lopez, JustDrift media relations rep. said, “This is one of our biggest events of the year. We are running four different groups today – some amateurs, Top Drift pros and a bunch of Formula Drift professionals who can run in any group. Some of the newer guys get the experience of seeing a FD driver run up on them. We’re out here to drift for the fun of it, no worry about competition.

All_Star_Bash_2013_at_Willow_Springs_107 Photo 3/103   |   All Star Bash 2013 At Willow Springs 107

This is our seventh one and every year it has grown bigger and bigger. Before it was half full but drifting is just getting more popular in general and us being a Formula D Pro-Am helps. We’ve had a lot of people like JTP and Matt Powers come through us so there is a draw with that too. There has also been a major influx in our Top Drift series and the fact that ASB is now in October instead of July so pros can hang around a week after the FD finale and make it.”

All_Star_Bash_2013_at_Willow_Springs_83 Photo 4/103   |   All Star Bash 2013 At Willow Springs 83

Session after amateur, expert, pro-am and pro class session commenced on the morning of October 19th and continued into Sunday, October 20th. Whether just practicing, participating in the nighttime tandem battle competition or spectating with a cold lager in hand it was a laid back experience rooted in what the sport is all about – having fun.

All_Star_Bash_2013_at_Willow_Springs_02 Photo 5/103   |   All Star Bash 2013 At Willow Springs 02

Dai Yoshihara, Formula Drift Discount Tire/Falken Tire Nissan S13 240SX driver commented:

All_Star_Bash_2013_at_Willow_Springs_06 Photo 9/103   |   All Star Bash 2013 At Willow Springs 06

“This is the first time in a long time coming to this type of event. This kind of event is just for having fun - there is no stress. I get to see people I normally don’t see and old-time friends, it’s good practice. Normally, you don’t get to tandem a whole f***ing track or drift Streets, which is what makes this event so special.”

All_Star_Bash_2013_at_Willow_Springs_121 Photo 10/103   |   All Star Bash 2013 At Willow Springs 121

Driving a near stock E36 BMW M3 with cage and upgraded clutch, Michael Essa, Formula Drift GSR Autosport / Yokohama E46 BMW M3 driver commented, “This kind of event is really what I love about drifting. I love the competition aspect but just being out here with over 100 other cars and everyone out there on track just tearing it up, it’s tons of fun. People are going off in the dirt, spinning, laughing about it, it’s a giant party.”

All_Star_Bash_2013_at_Willow_Springs_115 Photo 11/103   |   All Star Bash 2013 At Willow Springs 115

As drivers at a Global Time Attack and Shift-S3ctor pro-am event searched for traction at Big Willow drifters at the neighboring track worked to lose it sideways across the smaller Streets of Willow. The acoustics of countless LS motor swaps to boosted JDM rides set the tone across the sunny desert landscape. One thing became blatantly obvious during this year’s ASB, the drift community has become obsessed with horsepower. Gone are the days of modified 240SXs rocking a mere SR swap. 450+ horsepower has become the norm for kids that hardly look old enough to bar hop.

All_Star_Bash_2013_at_Willow_Springs_40 Photo 12/103   |   All Star Bash 2013 At Willow Springs 40

All_Star_Bash_2013_at_Willow_Springs_77 Photo 13/103   |   All Star Bash 2013 At Willow Springs 77

Essa agreed, “The whole drifting scene has gotten a lot of power lately. Everybody has V8, 2J or RB26 swaps. I don’t think I’ve even seen one SR out here.”

All_Star_Bash_2013_at_Willow_Springs_31 Photo 14/103   |   All Star Bash 2013 At Willow Springs 31

All_Star_Bash_2013_at_Willow_Springs_14 Photo 15/103   |   All Star Bash 2013 At Willow Springs 14

Yoshihara continued, “It’s kind of getting horsepower hungry these days. My S13 [stock SR20, KW suspension, welded differential] here doesn’t have very much power – like 190hp right now. So I can’t keep up with many pros here but at least I can act as bait and they can go close to me. Big horsepower cars kill a lot of tires so it’s expensive. I just don’t think it is the right movement.”

All_Star_Bash_2013_World_Record_tandem_drift_attempt Photo 16/103   |   All Star Bash 2013 World Record Tandem Drift Attempt

All_Star_Bash_2013_World_Record_drift_attempt Photo 17/103   |   All Star Bash 2013 World Record Drift Attempt

Blowing your budget on rubber via a big motor aside, the continuous clouds of smoke wafted into a mid-day official Guinness World Record attempt [official result and feature to come] for the most tandem cars drifting. Unofficially 58 cars took part in what was first a massive 30-second burnout display that smoked the main straight to skid pad before tandem sliding began. The train of drift cars killed the track in a spectacle unlike anything we’ve ever seen. 1st Lt. Jeff Guillotte, pilot of the 729th Airlift Squadron stationed out of March AFB [who also enjoys drifting] circled overhead to help capture stunning aerial photography of the record attempt.

All_Star_Bash_2013_at_Willow_Springs_97 Photo 18/103   |   All Star Bash 2013 At Willow Springs 97

All_Star_Bash_2013_at_Willow_Springs_106 Photo 19/103   |   All Star Bash 2013 At Willow Springs 106

After sunset a two-hour break made way for a nighttime team tandem competition. Flood lights illuminated portions of the track and media congregated on the infield around Street’s skid pad. When the drifting shut down for the night heavy electronic bass from trackside DJ setups kept the party going. Beer pong, debatable dance moves, kicking back and enjoying one to thirteen brewskies concluded day 1 of ASB 13.

All_Star_Bash_2013_at_Willow_Springs_110 Photo 26/103   |   All Star Bash 2013 At Willow Springs 110

The following Sunday offered drivers access to the major elevation changes of Willow’s smaller Horse Thief Mile circuit – Streets of Willow was also open for drifting. More runoffs, lost bumpers and slideways antics ran through the final day of what was a very cool, very exciting weekend of getting loose.

All_Star_Bash_2013_at_Willow_Springs_69 Photo 33/103   |   All Star Bash 2013 At Willow Springs 69

Charlie Ongsingco, JustDrift president concluded, “This was the biggest ASB so far so we are going to keep expanding racetracks next year. The season is over, we got the stars, we got the bash and we put them together to have some fun.”

All_Star_Bash_2013_Just_Drift_crew_42 Photo 34/103   |   All Star Bash 2013 Just Drift Crew 42

Big thanks to the JustDrift organization. See you next year!

All_Star_Bash_2013_at_Willow_Springs_66 Photo 35/103   |   All Star Bash 2013 At Willow Springs 66
All_Star_Bash_2013_at_Willow_Springs_12 Photo 39/103   |   All Star Bash 2013 At Willow Springs 12
All_Star_Bash_2013_at_Willow_Springs_27 Photo 43/103   |   All Star Bash 2013 At Willow Springs 27
All_Star_Bash_2013_at_Willow_Springs_65 Photo 62/103   |   All Star Bash 2013 At Willow Springs 65
NewImage Photo 66/103   |   All Star Bash 2013 (w/video)
All_Star_Bash_2013_at_Willow_Springs_89 Photo 79/103   |   All Star Bash 2013 At Willow Springs 89
All_Star_Bash_2013_at_Willow_Springs_67 Photo 86/103   |   All Star Bash 2013 At Willow Springs 67
All_Star_Bash_2013_at_Willow_Springs_73 Photo 87/103   |   All Star Bash 2013 At Willow Springs 73
All_Star_Bash_2013_at_Willow_Springs_85 Photo 91/103   |   All Star Bash 2013 At Willow Springs 85
All_Star_Bash_2013_at_Willow_Springs_08 Photo 95/103   |   All Star Bash 2013 At Willow Springs 08
All_Star_Bash_2013_at_Willow_Springs_07 Photo 99/103   |   All Star Bash 2013 At Willow Springs 07
All_Star_Bash_2013_at_Willow_Springs_123 Photo 103/103   |   All Star Bash 2013 At Willow Springs 123
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