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Import Face-Off Las Vegas - Drag Racing Returns!

Import Face-Off Hits Sin City

Charles Trieu
Oct 17, 2013

Let's face it: Drag racing isn't what it used to be. There just aren't as many venues as before. Import Face-Off (IFO) is one of the only games left in town. It's been a long time since I have staged up, but drag racing is still one of the coolest adrenaline rushes out there-even if it only lasts for a few seconds. It's that intense sensation of running at 110 percent that makes it such a rush. And it's not just the driver running at 110 percent, it's the engine too. Drag racing is the test of tests for engines and engine builders.

When IFO hit Las Vegas that meant Hondas, Hondas, and more Hondas. Just like a decade ago, Hondas are still flocking to the dragstrip as much as they are road racing these days. We saw a ton of legends and familiar faces still making that 1,320-foot run. I think it might be time for me to build a Honda.

Import face off las vegas civic hatchbacks 02 Photo 2/15   |   Import Face Off Las Vegas Civic Hatchbacks 02


FWD Class
1. Aaron Lopez San Antonio, TX Civic 9.36 at 155.29
2. Brian Brock Antioch, CA Civic 9.66 at 154.02
Forced-Induction Pro Class
1. James Kempf University Place, WA Civic 9.11 at 172.32
2. Mike Carwin Escondido, CA Supra 23.83 at 48.30
All-Motor Pro Class
1. Joel Sipes Firecrest, WA Civic 10.29 at 131.75
2. John Sauro North Las Vegas, NV Civic 10.48 at 130.63
All-Motor Sports Class
1. Michael Evans CA Civic 12.603 at 108.68 mph
2. Luis Marquez Las Vegas, NV 12.935 at 104.91 mph
Bracket Class
1. Raffie Las Vegas, NV CRX 15.60 at 86.19
2. Donnie Beale 350Z 15.13 at 90.84
Outlaw Class
1. Robert Hoffman Anaheim, CA GSR 15.52 at 73.60
2. Alex Hernandez North Las Vegas, NV Civic 10.64 at 141.40
Street Subaru Class
1. Will Wortman Flowermound, TX Impreza 9.98 at 142.64
2. Jeramy Green Saelton, WA STI 14.27 at 83.15
FWD 2 Class
1. Jeremy Bretschneiden Lancaster, CA Civic 9.50 at 160.67
2. David Delcid Los Angeles, CA Civic 10.96 at 126.49

Car Show Winners
Best Civic - Second Saul Villagrama
Best Civic - First Sunkist
Best Other Honda - First Phil Arboleda (S2000)
Best Acura - Second Bruce Garricou (Integra)
Best Acura - First Ray Deleon (GSR)
Best Mitsubishi Eric McWilliams (Evo)
Best Nissan Nick Tric (240SX)
Best Toyota Jarred Amick (Supra)
Best Scion Robert Green (xB)
Best Mazda Anthony Dela Mercod (Miata)
Best Subaru Bodil Acopiado (WRX)
Best Domestic Sports Compact Jesus Castro (Cobalt LS)
Best Domestic Car Nathan Tejeda (G8)
Best Euro Tony Deslintis (Fiat 500)
Best Female Entry Pat Silbernagel (Supra)
Best Luxury Robert Green (Lexus LS460)
Best Import Truck/SUV Jimmy F. (Odyssey)
Best Domestic Truck/SUV Newman (Durango)
Best Bike Yoshi Nebril (Hyosung GT GT-R)
Best Stance Phil Arboleda (S2000)
Best Interior Jeremy Paest (IS250)
Best Paint Finish Nick Tric (240SX)
Best Engine Bay Tony Delcid (Civic)
Best VIP Francis Chua (Infiniti Q45)
Best Lexus Lance Culitri (SC300)
Best Old School Scott (Mitsubishi Starion)

Import face off las vegas SW20 toyota MR2 10 Photo 9/15   |   Import Face Off Las Vegas SW20 Toyota MR2 10
By Charles Trieu
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