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Scene: Formula D: Round 5 - Coffee Is For Closers

Evergreen Speedway—Monroe, WA

Dec 23, 2013
Photographer: Henry DeKuyper

About the only good time to visit Seattle is in the summer (trust me, I used to live there). Try to make a trip before June or after September and you'll find yourself running to the nearest store for a rain jacket. But at least they have good coffee, right? Thankfully though, Formula Drift schedules its round five event in the middle of July at Evergreen Speedway when the conditions are dry and comfortable. We didn't need our umbrella this time, but we should definitely be buying Chris Forsberg coffee.

Formula d round 5 burn out 04 Photo 2/12   |   Scene: Formula D: Round 5 - Coffee Is For Closers

Up through round four in Jersey, Daigo Saito was looking like he was going to walk away with his second championship after three podium finishes, two of which were wins. But the Northwest had something else in store for him. It all started rough for Daigo when he crashed into the bank during qualifying. He still made it to the Top 32 but was knocked out in the first round. When this happened, you could feel the temperature rising as the overall lead was up for grabs. Chris Forsberg and Michael Essa made the most of the situation, battling round after round until the finals where Forsberg beat out Essa. Chris jumped from fourth place all the way to first after topping the podium in Seattle. As for Essa, who would have thought his underdog BMW would be the car to watch out for. He moved up to second place overall.

Like we said before, if there was ever a time to visit Seattle, this would be it. With the action, upsets and energy Evergreen Raceway offers, this has become one of the most exciting venues in Formula Drift.


Formula d round 5 tires Photo 3/12   |   Scene: Formula D: Round 5 - Coffee Is For Closers

Where do all the tires go?

If you've ever been to Formula D, you'll see anyone from kids to old men carrying out used drift tires. I've always wondered what the hell people do with them so I posed the question on my personal Instagram and here are the best answers I got:

  • Fully-built tire swing
  • Get 'em signed by the driver
  • Make a badass tricycle
  • Desk chairs, coffee tables, Hypebeast chains, cross fit training
  • Toilet for when they go camping
  • Having their parents or girlfriend throw them out

Formula d round 5 model janis true Photo 4/12   |  
The lovely Janis True.
Formula d round 5 burn out 03 Photo 8/12   |   Scene: Formula D: Round 5 - Coffee Is For Closers
Formula d round 5 burn out 05 Photo 12/12   |   Scene: Formula D: Round 5 - Coffee Is For Closers
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