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FF Battle Competitors - The Competition

Meet Ten Enthusiasts Who Love Driving Their FF Hondas!

Super Street Staff
Jan 30, 2014

Jose Guzman
'02 Acura RSX Type S

2002 acura rsx type s Photo 1/10   |   FF Battle Competitors - The Competition

Power: 231hp (2nd)
Road Course: 1:31.268 (4th)

Jose's been diehard about his RSX since the day he bought it in '06. It was his daily driver but that changed after his first track day. Since then, he's been saving money to invest in building one of the fastest naturally aspirated time attack cars in the U.S. His good friends at Circuit Dreams were a big part of this project, responsible for the K24 swap and more. Jose's DC5 also has the best parts available from aero goodies like the Max Racing hood and J's fenders, to the TEIN coils, ITR brakes and Gearspeed tranny.

Jason "Katman" Kaplan
'90 Honda Civic Si

1990 honda civic si Photo 2/10   |   FF Battle Competitors - The Competition

Power: 221hp (4th)
Road Course: 1:31.535 (5th)

Katman is an OG in the Honda community. He's one of the originators of reppin' JDM parts in the U.S. and he's also addicted to the track, having run HPDE track days since '99. This EG is his weapon of choice. It competed last year powered by a K20Z1 with basic bolt-ons, Koni coilovers and minor aero. It made 10hp more this year and Katman tells us he simply loves to take the car out and use it as a tool to learn how to become faster and more consistent with every event.

Jason Lee
'07 Honda Civic Si

2007 honda civic si Photo 3/10   |   FF Battle Competitors - The Competition

Power: 217hp (5th)
Road Course: 1:30.835 (5th)

If you thought FF Battle was just for hardcore racers with lots of disposable income, think again! Jason is 22-years-old and a full-time college student. His Si is daily-driven and he spends nearly every penny towards parts and track time. While retaining a full interior and cat, it's got enough upgrades to make it fun and competitive with Skunk2 cams, Supertech valvetrain, rebuilt tranny, Godspeed coilovers and more. He's had the car three years and plans to keep driving it hard!

Phil Nguyen
'02 Honda Civic Si

2002 honda civic si Photo 4/10   |   FF Battle Competitors - The Competition

Power: 259hp (1st)
Road Course: 1:30.618 (2nd)

Whoever said EP3s are lame needs to sit back down. Phil Nguyen came into FFB5 as somewhat of an underdog because not every guy believes in the chassis. But having owned the car since '05, he's had plenty of time to experiment on the chassis and mold the car to what it is today. The motor is fully built with a K24 bottom-end. It's stripped, uses custom flares to allow for more grip and much more. Phil did all the work himself as well, so we give him props for winning the dyno competition and coming in second on the road course in his class!

Pradana "Ping" Wilianto
'07 Acura CSX Type-S

2007 acura csx type s Photo 5/10   |   FF Battle Competitors - The Competition

Power: 222hp (3rd)
Road Course: 1:29.215 (1st)

The CSX was exclusively designed for the Canadian market, but it's a basically a JDM Civic. Ping's car was brought down from Canada and we're ecstatic he won the road course competition because the car is a true daily driver that doubles as a weekend track car. It has full interior, the internals are stock and the motor is upgraded with all the proper bolt-ons such as cams, exhaust, valvetrain, LSD and coilovers. The car came together with the help of Evasive Motorsports and Sportcar Motion. As for Ping, he's been an enthusiast for years and started racing as a hobby in '09. He's proven that with the right combination of parts and enough driving practice, you can be pretty damn competitive and come away with one of the fastest laps at FFB5!

Kristian Wong
'95 Honda Civic DX

1995 honda civic dx Photo 6/10   |   FF Battle Competitors - The Competition

Power: 124hp (6th)
Road Course: 1:32.494 (6th)

The first thing Kristian said to us as we approached him at FFB5 was, "it's the biggest piece of shit but so fun to drive." We couldn't help but laugh, but Kristian was right. While his old Civic DX isn't in the best condition, it's reliable, gets 36mpg and can take a beating at a full track day. The car was actually Import Tuner editor Scott Tsuneishi's old car and Kristian used parts leftover from an old Integra for the project. It's a complete budget build but reminds us that Hondas can take abuse, are still fun to drive and can even drive home after a tough day at the track.

Pro Street Class

These four cars aren't necessarily your everyday enthusiasts. Each car has been through plenty of track abuse and the owners and/or drivers of the cars are definitely more advanced than your average Joe.

Brian Gillespie
'88 Honda CRX

1988 honda crx Photo 7/10   |   FF Battle Competitors - The Competition

Power: 266hp (2nd)
Road Course: 1:26.240 (1st)

You've seen it a million times at Super Lap Battle and nearly every FF Battle, but this car keeps getting faster and is still one of the quickest FF cars we've seen. The legendary Hasport project car has been racing since 2001 and has been powered by nearly every Honda swap imaginable—a B16A1, B-series supercharged, K20 and K24, both naturally-aspirated and supercharged… Now the yellow rocket is running a J35A V6. Since last year, Brian has made small improvements to the car to improve mid-range power. It also broke a rocker arm last year so it was down about 60hp—that wasn't going to happen again this time! With the improvements and the CRX's overall awesomeness, it dominated the road course and posted one of the highest dyno numbers of the entire field.

Daniel Herrera
'11 Honda CRZ

2011 honda crz Photo 8/10   |   FF Battle Competitors - The Competition

Power: 194hp (3rd)
Road Course: 1:34.225 (4th)

What we like about Daniel the most is that he's a straight up enthusiast! He's currently living in Costa Rica attending school, but his car stays at home in California. His car was built by Sportcar Motion with a K20Z3 swap. Add in all the add-ons like Buddyclub brakes, TE37s and TEIN coilovers, and he's got a ready-to-rock track car. He rarely gets to drive it since he's away at school, but cherishes every second behind the wheel of his able track car. FFB5 was actually only his second time on the track!

Tony Jackson
'93 Honda Civic DX

1993 honda civic dx Photo 9/10   |   FF Battle Competitors - The Competition

Power: 179hp (4th)
Road Course: 1:29.328 (3rd)

Tony is also a usual suspect at FF Battles and the entire Honda racing community for that matter. He's been running Hondas for pretty much his entire life. This EG is actually his seventh build. It started off as a commuter car with a stock Integra LS motor but he ended up going through the car inside and out—brakes, bushings, off-the-shelf parts, etc. He continued to set goals for himself at the track and worked on the car little by little while also improving his familiarity with the car. The B18C5-powered Civic doesn't have much power compared to the rest of the group, but with his experience, this is one of the quickest cars around the track and a true testament of what the Honda chassis was intended to be.

Ken Suen
'04 Acura RSX Type S

2004 acura rsx type s Photo 10/10   |   FF Battle Competitors - The Competition

Power: 275hp (1st)
Road Course: 1:27.226 (2nd)

This RSX is a beast! Built by Sportcar Motion, it's their shop development car and has all the bells and whistles for a fast time attack lap—K20Z3 head with a K24Z3 bottom-end, Golden Eagle sleeves, stage 4 cams, JE pistons, Supertech valvetrain, Buddyclub suspension and much more. The car was driven by Ken, who ran FFB4 last year in his '08 Civic Si and has plenty of track experience. Because of this, the car put down one of the best laps all day along with the highest horsepower of the entire field.

By Super Street Staff
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