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Scion Racing Formula Drift Cars First Look 2014 (w/video)

Gushi's GReddy 2JZ FR-S unveiled and tested alongside Aasbo and Angelo at Irwindale

Scott Tsuneishi
Apr 1, 2014
Videographer: Sean Russell Photographers: Matthew Jones, Mike Sabounchi

Scion Racing Formula Drift Car Details:

  • Preview and testing event held at Irwindale Raceway, CA
  • Unveil of new livery for Gushi 2JZ FR-S and Aasbo turbo 2AR TC
  • Media ride-alongs and interviews featured in video
  • Tangelo Racing works out FR-S kinks

Alas! The 2014 Formula Drift season is officially here! The tire slaying, the travel, the girls! Oh, and lets not forget about the media parties! With the season just days around the corner, Scion Racing held its annual top-secret media reveal at Irwindale Speedway, Calif, to show us exactly what they’ve been up during the off-season.

Gushi rocket bunny trailer Photo 2/88   |   Gushi Rocket Bunny Trailer

For starters, if you haven’t noticed Ken Gushi’s GReddy x Hankook Tire x Scion Racing FR-S has been entirely revamped from the ground up with a burly 2JZ inline-6 capable of a projected 1000-1100hp. Also notice the brand new livery unveiled at this event. We’re really excited to see how the season plays out for Ken Gushi as he steps out of the welterweight engine class with his monster 2JZ motor.

Scion Media Day Formula Drift rocket bunny tc 17 Photo 6/88   |   Scion Media Day Formula Drift Rocket Bunny Tc 17

Next on the Scion Racing list is Fredrick Aasbo’s Rocket Bunny’d Papadakis Racing Scion tC. Yes, yes, we know, another Rocket Bunny…but we beg you! Please! Give it a chance! Its actually significantly less bulky than the initial renderings portrayed, and with the new orange Speedhunters livery, the kit blends in with the car and complements the body lines. Aside from the exterior, Fred will be running the same reliable sled shed – a turbo 2AR inline-4 with nitrous - as last year and is looking to secure more than a few podium spots. Formula Drift Chubby Bunny, GO!

Scion Media Day Formula Drift Tony Angelo 30 Photo 10/88   |   Scion Media Day Formula Drift Tony Angelo 30

Scion Racing driver Tony Angelo did not necessarily receive any significant upgrades for 2014 as he spent the off season focusing on reliability. The Garrett turbocharged 2AZ-FE inline-4 FR-S spent much of the day being tuned in the pits before it swiftly ripped around Irwindale as the event came to an end. Angelo voiced his excitement for the Long Beach street course of Round 1 and we couldn’t agree more.

2jz motor Photo 14/88   |   2Jz Motor

So get ready, the 2014 Formula Drift season is about to jump off this weekend! Make sure to stop by and say hello, as we’ll be covering the whole season in full force! Until then, enjoy these photos and video of what Scion Racing will be bringing to the table in the coming days.

Scion Media Day Formula Drift 19 Photo 15/88   |   Scion Media Day Formula Drift 19
Scion Media Day Formula Drift fredrick asabo 16 Photo 25/88   |   Scion Media Day Formula Drift Fredrick Asabo 16
Scion Media Day Formula Drift 27 Photo 35/88   |   Scion Media Day Formula Drift 27
Greddy rocket bunnyside Photo 45/88   |   Greddy Rocket Bunnyside
NewImage Photo 86/88   |   Scion Racing Formula Drift Cars First Look 2014 (w/video)
Rocket bunny tc 02 Photo 87/88   |   Rocket Bunny Tc 02
Scion Media Day Formula Drift 11 Photo 88/88   |   Scion Media Day Formula Drift 11
By Scott Tsuneishi
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