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ITR Expo 2013

Track day, Sept. 9-10

Keith Meilink
Apr 22, 2014

The 2013 ITR Expo was held in Lexington, Ohio, and, as with previous years, proved to be a huge hit with participants who traveled from far and wide for the annual get together. And while the main focus is of course seat time on Mid-Ohio's Sports Car Course, the two-day event grants plenty of time to kick back and enjoy the company of your fellow enthusiast. Though the event was initially organized for the ITR community, you'll see non-R Integras in attendance as well as a few other Hondas and the growth continues.

To put things in perspective, our photographer Keith Meilink picked a few participants from this year's event to share their experience while he snapped photos for you to enjoy ...

Profile 01

Name: Andrew Meek

ITR expo 2013 andrew meek 03 Photo 2/79   |   ITR Expo 2013

Car: '00 ITR (stock), purchased new in July 2000, and a '00 ITR TTD/Time Attack ITR purchased in 2007 from a junkyard (attended expo with this one)

Mods: Autopower cage in chromoly (no longer made), Recaro SPF seat, five-point harness, MOMO wheel, shifter extension, tri-Y header, DC Sports exhaust, custom WTDR B-pipe, Spoon SW388, Rota slipstreams, and OEM rims-always on RE-11 Bridgestone tires-Exedy clutch and Toda flywheel, Carbotech or Cobalt pads, Legend Type S two-pot calipers, stickers, lots of stickers, JDM B18C ITR, 97 front, WTDR paint/PY

ITR expo 2013 andrew meek 00 ITR 02 Photo 3/79   |   ITR Expo 2013

How many years have you been attending the ITR expo: 10

What made you want to take part: I found out about the expo through Honda-Tech, but missed the first two because of college commitments with swimming. My first was Expo III with my B16A-powered '95 Civic hatch with five-lug and used for Global Time Attack. I drove it to Expo IV, V, and then missed VI. By the time of Expo VII, I had my ITR track car, which I brought to Expos VII-XIII. I only tracked my original R at VIR and CMP, one time each. I then retired it when I bought the Civic hatch. I love both the EG and DC chassis.

ITR expo 2013 andrew meek 00 ITR 04 Photo 4/79   |   ITR Expo 2013

Will you be back next year: I am in it. I track 17 to 25 weekends a year and compete with SCCA and NASA. I was the SE TTD champion for 2011 and 2012, Red Line Time Attack champion South East mod FF 2010, and also a podium finisher in 2012, 13 with Global Time Attack. I'm also an instructor with BMW, PCA, NASA, ITR Expo, NSXPO, Turn 1, WTDR. I've been instructing since 2007.

Random thoughts about this year's event: Burn it to the ground, I don't post much on the boards ... I miss meets cause I am at the track. I love our community and love to see other track events. WTDR, we-Todd-did-racing, see you at the track; hope I can ride shotgun in your car.

Profile 02

Name: David Marino

ITR expo 2013 david marino 06 Photo 8/79   |   ITR Expo 2013

Car: '99 Civic

Mods: '06 K20Z1 motor and trans, Hytech header, Hytech twin loop exhaust, RRC intake manifold, Hybrid racing 70mm TB, JDM ITR five-lug, AMR coilovers, AMR front and rear camber kits, F7 LCAs, Comptech subframe brace with 22mm rear sway bar, Recaro Pole Position seats, Crow harnesses, Autopower rollbar, Mugen wing, Mugen SS front lip, race wheels: 15x7 Silver Kosei K1s with Potenza Re11s, hard parker wheels: 16x7 black Mugen MF10s with Kuhmo XS

How many years have you been attending the ITR expo: 1

ITR expo 2013 david marino 99 civic 05 Photo 9/79   |   ITR Expo 2013

What made you want to take part: I was trying to plan a track day for my car this summer and I couldn't think of any better event to attend for my first. It was a little intimidating at first to think I had to drive eight hours from New York to Ohio just to race, but seeing pictures of the Type R parade and others racing from years past made me want to sign up even more.

ITR expo 2013 david marino 07 Photo 10/79   |   ITR Expo 2013

Will you be back next year: Hell yeah!

Random thoughts about this year's event: ITR Expo was one of the best car events I have ever attended! There was nothing like spending two days at the track hearing Hondas and cars of all sorts ripping down the track pushing their limits. There were so many awesome people there! The atmosphere was amazing, everyone was either giving you props on your car, chatting about setups, helping you bleed brakes, or helping with engine issues. Being a first timer on the track, I had a lot of questions, and plenty of people who I have never met before were willing to answer questions and help me out. You really don't see that much in today's Honda community anymore. Most Honda owners nowadays are either out there hiding what they are building just to one-up someone else or stake claim to doing something first. This event shows the best side of the Honda community, and I was glad to be a part of it! I would completely recommend this event to any Honda enthusiast, track junky, or first-time track driver. Thanks to everyone who helped me out: Bobby at OneMotion Auto, Kevin, Justin, Mark, John, Craig, Fred, Derek, Ryan, and so many others. Also thanks to all the sponsors, event staff, and racers who made this event what it is!

Profile 03

Name:Ryan Conley

ITR expo 2013 ryan conley 14 Photo 14/79   |   ITR Expo 2013

Car: '97 ITR

Mods: Comptech Icebox, JDM 4-1, Mugen 26mm RSB, Bilsteins, and Mugen Gen II rear wing.

ITR expo 2013 ryan conley 97 ITR 13 Photo 15/79   |   ITR Expo 2013

How many years have you been attending the ITR expo: I have attended Expo VII-present.

What made you want to take part: I watched via and about ITR Expo V and VI. Both times I was hesitant to go because I didn't know anyone or own an ITR-huge mistakes that I regret deeply. I showed up to Expo VII and four guys helped me swap wheels, unload the GS-R, and even took me to dinner. I'm still friends with all four of those guys.

ITR expo 2013 ryan conley 15 Photo 16/79   |   ITR Expo 2013

Will you be back next year: Absolutely, even with my relocation to California, I have continued to attend the last two ITR Expos.

Your random thoughts about this year's event: This event is something I look forward to every year now. As soon as the event ends I begin setting aside funds for next year. After six years the friend count is over 100 and it's awesome getting together with the same people every year. I'm at a point where there are almost too many people to catch up with in the ITR community, which is an awesome problem. The track portion is always a blast as well. Some of the guys in Advanced started years before me while others started with me. It's cool to have tracked with guys from novice to intermediate, and now advanced.

Profile 04

Name: Edwin Vanegas

ITR expo 2013 edwin vanegas 21 Photo 20/79   |   ITR Expo 2013

Car: 2000 Acura Integra Type R Phoenix Yellow - 00-1366

Mods: Toda header, T1R test pipe, Fujitsubo RM01A exhaust, Comptech Icebox, Supertech valves, JDM 4.7 final drive, J's Racing Flywheel, Exedy racing clutch, Gearspeed carbon syncro set, Buddyclub Racing Spec coilovers

ITR expo 2013 edwin vanegas 2000 acura ITR 22 Photo 21/79   |   ITR Expo 2013

How many years have you been attending the ITR expo: 12. I am the original owner of my '00 PY R. I've been attending Expos since 2002. Expo II was my first track event ever with a car that I had no idea what it really was intended for. I had met a bunch of fellow ITR owners during the latter half of 2001 through meets held by or set up through online forums i.e. Superhonda, Itrca, Honda-Tech, etc. ...

What made you want to take part: ITRCA is where I first learned about an exclusive car club for Integra Type R owners and their meets and events. This is where I learned everything about the car I owned. From engine modding, suspension, tires, rare dealer parts, and even rare JDM parts. This is where I had seen the first pictures of a bunch of ITRs, about 40 or so, together at a track event held in California. I was in awe. The event was Expo I. I had just missed it by a few months but vowed to go to the next one, even if it was just to watch because I had never driven on track or knew what an HPDE was. But thanks to the friends I had made through the forums, they encouraged me to go and try it. So I did, with a completely stock R (besides an AEM cold air intake). I signed up for and attended Expo II at Gingerman Raceway in South Haven, MI.

ITR expo 2013 edwin vanegas 2000 acura ITR engine bay 23 Photo 22/79   |   ITR Expo 2013

Will you be back next year: Since then I was hooked and haven't missed an Expo since. I will continue to support the Expo organizers and sponsors and plan to attend the next event as they work their butt off during the year to make it happen.

Random thought about this year's event: It is a great event to attend. It's everything from the caravans to track time, amazing catered banquet food, raffled prizes from sponsors to the shenanigans and seeing the dozens of cross-country friends made along the way that brings me back.

Thank you Expo organizers and sponsors! See you next year.

ITR expo 2013 acura integra type rs 09 Photo 23/79   |   ITR Expo 2013
ITR expo 2013 championship white ITR 68 Photo 33/79   |   ITR Expo 2013 Championship White ITR 68
ITR expo 2013 acura RSX 26 Photo 43/79   |   ITR Expo 2013 Acura RSX 26
ITR expo 2013 phoenix yellow ITR 58 Photo 50/79   |   ITR Expo 2013 Phoenix Yellow ITR 58
ITR expo 2013 gen II mugen wing 35 Photo 60/79   |   ITR Expo 2013 Gen II Mugen Wing 35
ITR expo 2013 ITR 57 Photo 70/79   |   ITR Expo 2013 ITR 57


By Keith Meilink
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