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HT Cup Challenge 2014 - Round 3

Round 3: More competitors, more action!
Jul 8, 2014

The third stop of the 2014 HT Cup Challenge took place at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway and, as usual, didn't disappoint. The participation in the first few rounds is inching closer to 30 cars and includes both front- and rear-wheel-drive competitors fighting for supremacy in a five-lap battle over a multi-event points race.

HT cup challenge round 3 s2000s integras 12 Photo 5/16   |   HT Cup Challenge 2014 - Round 3

Building on the momentum from his win in Round 2, an experienced Joseph Bundalian once again worked his way to the top spot with his very capable DC2. Nipping at his heels was Tom Liang in his JHP USA Civic hatchback—a car that might seem quite simple, yet extremely potent on track, especially with Liang's skills in the driver seat. Taking home Third Place for this round was last year's HT Cup Challenge champ, Jason Kim. The first few rounds have been tough for Kim; mechanical issues have held his S2000 back thus far, but he's not going anywhere. With a total points standing placing him in the Sixth position, he's still got plenty of time to make up ground and potentially make a run for this year's championship as the events and points continue to stack up. With the points tallied, the Loi-Spec boys are holding strong in the Third, Fourth, and Fifth positions.

HT cup challenge round 3 integras 03 Photo 9/16   |   HT Cup Challenge 2014 - Round 3

A few newcomers made their way to the series, including Phil Robles all the way from Arizona. He's become very well known for his Civic EH build that's gone through a number of changes over the years and the car looks incredibly aggressive. In order to keep a level playing field, some penalties based on vehicle weight, tire width, and others were applied to a number of competitors and that included Robles. With only one HT Cup event under his belt and suffering from a few penalties, he was still able to gain 11 points and if he makes his way out to the next few events and performs as well, he'll no doubt be a threat to the front-runners.

HT cup challenge round 3 civic integra s2000 05 Photo 13/16   |   HT Cup Challenge 2014 - Round 3

Points Standing through Round 3

1 Joseph Bundalian 63 SoCal
2 Tom Liang 40 SoCal
3 Loi Hua 37 SoCal
4 Lewis Liang 30 SoCal
5 Brian Hua (+5.5) 29.5 SoCal
6 Jason Kim 29 SoCal
7 Tony Fuentes 25 SoCal
8 Kj Valle (+8) 24 SoCal
9 Romeo Gerolaga 21 SoCal
10 Graham Downey 20 NorCal
11 Matt Padilla 19 SoCal
12 Larry Luster 18 SoCal
13 Henry Torres (+3.5) 15.5 SoCal
14 Raymond Lee 15 SoCal
15 Phil Robles 11 Arizona
16 Edmond Lo 6 SoCal
17 Roger Pompa (+2) 6 SoCal
18 Elton Lo 5 SoCal
19 Liam Downey 5 NorCal
20 Mark Itup 4 Arizona
21 Ish Gonzales 3 NoCal
22 Kenny Mach 3 SoCal
23 Andrew Hake 2 NorCal
24 Xi Chen 1 NorCal
25 Jonathan Chao 1 SoCal
26 Jei Chang 1 NorCal
27 Son Vo 1 NorCal

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