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All Star Bash 2014 - Photo Gallery

Grassroots drifting at its finest at the annual Just Drift event

Oct 23, 2014

For those suffering from drifting withdrawals after the epic Formula D season finale, the guys at Just Drift had just the solution with the annual All Star Bash at Willow Springs Raceway this past Saturday and Sunday. The weekend following the Final Fight at Irwindale Speedway drifters flocked 100 miles northeast to Willow for what is essentially a grassroots drift party featuring drivers and cars of all levels. To put it into perspective, All Star Bash is like the Burning Man of the drift world: a community of people converge to express their art in the form of power overs, feints, clutch kicks, and shift locks.

All Star Bash 2014 green nissan 240sx drift 58 Photo 2/57   |   All Star Bash 2014 Green Nissan 240Sx Drift 58

For the past eight years or so, All Star Bash has been the event to go to for advanced, experts, pros, and ex-pro drivers after the Formula D season concludes. Familiar faces included 2013 Formula D champion Michael Essa, the signature 2JZ powered green Nissan 240SX piloted by Forrest Wang, Chelsea DeNofa in the BC Racing BMW 3-Series, Taka Aono with his 86, and the people's champ Danny George.

All Star Bash 2014 michael essa bmw m3 tail lights 20 Photo 3/57   |   All Star Bash 2014 Michael Essa Bmw M3 Tail Lights 20

All Star Bash 2013

All Star Bash 2014 hert hoonigan mazda rx7 fc head lights 31 Photo 4/57   |   All Star Bash 2014 Hert Hoonigan Mazda Rx7 Fc Head Lights 31

For the first time both the Streets of Willow track and Horse Thief Mile tracks were available for drivers to choose from on both days, which made it mandatory for participants to have a rollcage installed.

All Star Bash 2014 animal style nissan 240sx s14 fender 53 Photo 5/57   |   All Star Bash 2014 Animal Style Nissan 240Sx S14 Fender 53

As evening drew in on the first day the Just Drift All Star Bash staff challenged the participants to a team tandem competition judged by the Formula D drivers that were present. At the end of the day the combined force of NorCal drivers Red Baron Racing and Team Burn the Most took the bragging rights as best team. However teams such as Animal Style and DMT deserve an honorable mention for their skill and performance.

All Star Bash 2014 animal style team tandem drift 47 Photo 6/57   |   All Star Bash 2014 Animal Style Team Tandem Drift 47
All Star Bash 2014 charlie ongsingco 27 Photo 10/57   |   All Star Bash 2014 Charlie Ongsingco 27

Charlie Ongsingco from Just Drift said, "Where else can you experience drifting the same track, the same tandem train with Formula D pros in their actual Formula D pro car? You look behind you and you see the 2013 Formula D champion Michael Essa's BMW M3 creeping up. For non-Formula D drivers that is a wild experience. Where can you go for an experience like that?"

All Star Bash 2014 nissan 240sx pow garage life drift 64 Photo 11/57   |   All Star Bash 2014 Nissan 240Sx Pow Garage Life Drift 64

Charlie also said says All Star Bash 2015 is already in the works. This year they definitely had to tame down the wild factor seen last year (cops came at night due to loud music) simply because ASB isn't about getting drunk or partying. All Star Bash is a two-day event dedicated to getting your car around a corner the most gangster way possible, sideways. It is always a great event to attend.

All Star Bash 2014 elevens nissan 240sx driver door 51 Photo 12/57   |   All Star Bash 2014 Elevens Nissan 240Sx Driver Door 51
All Star Bash 2014 chelsea denofa bmw head lights 22 Photo 16/57   |   All Star Bash 2014 Chelsea Denofa Bmw Head Lights 22
All Star Bash 2014 forrest wang 2jz nissan 240sx 13 Photo 17/57   |   All Star Bash 2014 Forrest Wang 2Jz Nissan 240Sx 13
All Star Bash 2014 nisasn 240sx animal style s14 61 Photo 21/57   |   All Star Bash 2014 Nisasn 240Sx Animal Style S14 61
All Star Bash 2014 maverick mazda rx7 driver door 43 Photo 25/57   |   All Star Bash 2014 Maverick Mazda Rx7 Driver Door 43
All Star Bash 2014 taka aono 29 Photo 26/57   |   All Star Bash 2014 Taka Aono 29
All Star Bash 2014 toyota supra 23 Photo 30/57   |   All Star Bash 2014 Toyota Supra 23
All Star Bash 2014 nissan silvia s15 head lights 04 Photo 31/57   |   All Star Bash 2014 Nissan Silvia S15 Head Lights 04
All Star Bash 2014 nissan 240sx s13 coupe tail lights 40 Photo 35/57   |   All Star Bash 2014 Nissan 240Sx S13 Coupe Tail Lights 40
All Star Bash 2014 ae86 drift side skirts 56 Photo 39/57   |   All Star Bash 2014 Ae86 Drift Side Skirts 56
All Star Bash 2014 garage life mazda rx7 fc driver door 41 Photo 43/57   |   All Star Bash 2014 Garage Life Mazda Rx7 Fc Driver Door 41
All Star Bash 2014 0mazda rx7 fc driver door 1 Photo 47/57   |   All Star Bash 2014 0Mazda Rx7 Fc Driver Door 1
All Star Bash 2014 joon maeng battle scar 25 Photo 48/57   |   All Star Bash 2014 Joon Maeng Battle Scar 25
All Star Bash 2014 dmt team tandem drift 48 Photo 52/57   |   All Star Bash 2014 Dmt Team Tandem Drift 48
All Star Bash 2014 animal style nissan 240sx s13 front bumper 35 Photo 56/57   |   All Star Bash 2014 Animal Style Nissan 240Sx S13 Front Bumper 35
All Star Bash 2014 lexus sc300 driver door 54 Photo 57/57   |   All Star Bash 2014 Lexus Sc300 Driver Door 54
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All Star Bash 2014 - Photo Gallery
All Star Bash Highlights
  • Held at Willow Springs International Raceway
  • Formula D cars to missiles run together
  • Team tandem drift competition
  • Northern California drift teams stepping up the game



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