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STF Garage x All That Low Japan Drift Party

Drift sessions on the Fuji Speedway skidpad

Sep 29, 2015

If you've followed our 2015 adventures in Japan (like checking out the Fresh Tokyo Car Meet II and Offset Kings car show), you've probably picked up we are kind of into drifting. In the recognized birthplace of the sport, it's put down some very deep roots to become a permanent part of the local and international motorsports landscape - and we couldn't be happier to experience drifting in the place where it all started. That's why, even with our lungs choked in tire smoke from the second round of Formula D Japan in July, we couldn't resist our friends from STF Garage and All That Low Japan and their Drift Park Party on Fuji Speedway's skid pad.

Stf garage all that low drift party nissan silvias Photo 2/10   |   Stf Garage All That Low Drift Party Nissan Silvias

"We are learning more and more how to make events much more enjoyable," Zee from All That Low Japan explains. "I would like to run competitions during the event such as an 'Entry Contest' or maybe a 'Drift Time Attack' for fun. The Japanese enjoy the USDM style as well; so it was cool to mix it up a bit. It was cool seeing the Okinawa Pro Drift guys Iha-san and Yoshioka-san out there pushing their 2J Chaser and Aristo. Having Matt Field come by was awesome! "

The rad thing about STF Garage is even if you don't have your own personal car or if you're just visiting Japan, they have cars you can rent to express your inner hoonigan. (Suck it, Enterprise Rent-a-Car!) Jon from STF Garage tells us, "Whether it's your first time or have many years under your belt, we have the rental that best suits you."

Stf garage all that low drift party toyota chaser wagon Photo 3/10   |   Stf Garage All That Low Drift Party Toyota Chaser Wagon

Although Iha-san's Toyota Aristo wasn't running up to par, he managed to get in a few good runs. Matt Field gave a few lucky people ride alongs in the Parts Shop Max Nissan S13. But perhaps most impressive was the skill level of Asuka Shirosaki in her purple S13 and Kayoko Koyama in her pink S14, which has an interior that looks like the inside of Hello Kitty's vagina.

Drifting is a different animal when you don't have judges to impress. Take away the scoreboard and the crowds and you're in a different world from the competition scene. We encourage everyone to check out grassroots drifting events wherever you live. You won't forget it.

Stf garage all that low drift party fairlady z Photo 7/10   |   Stf Garage All That Low Drift Party Fairlady Z
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