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Street Driven Las Vegas 2016

Street Driven Tour and the Southwest's best close their second season in style.

Luke Munnell
Nov 1, 2016

They say time flies when you're having fun, and this past year of Street Driven's whirlwind tours through four distinct regions of the U.S. have flown by faster than any event series in recent memory. Distilling everything that Street Driven Tour brings to U.S. drifting fans and friends, that would suggest they've succeeded in the agenda at the core of their mission: keep drifting fun!

After successful events in the Northeast at VIR for Hyperfest weekend, Midwest at St. Louis's Gateway Motorsports Park, and in the South at Atlanta Motor Speedway, drift-bashing experts Street Driven Tour teamed with StanceWars, Supras Invade Las Vegas (SILV), and some of the Southwest's best and most prolific drift authorities to throw their biggest event to date, taking over Las Vegas Motor Speedway with a full day of drifting, showing, drag racing, and more.

Professional involvement came courtesy of Vegas locals Get Nuts Lab, with Forrest Wang manning the wheel of his Formula DRIFT competition Nissan S15 Silvia and newly re-built S14, as well as Matt Powers and his venerable S14, Dan "Rad Dan" Burkett and his insane Toyota Supra Mk4, and Juha Rintanen and his zombie S15.

Street driven las vegas 2016  Matt Powers s14 Photo 5/117   |   Street Driven Las Vegas 2016 Matt Powers S14

Impressive showings were made by Get Nuts affiliate and past Super Street feature owner Sean Abellana and his 1,000+hp 2JZ S14, as well as George Kiriakopoulos (S13 Coupe), Bear Rzesnowiecky (S13.5 fastback), Alex Grimm (240Z), and many more pro-ams from Top Drift and the Southwest Drift Series.

Even more strong participation could be seen from weekend/bash warriors from the SoCal and Southwest region, including "Fred Lumplump" and his band of Zestino Tires rippers.

As in years past, StanceWars laid down an impressive hand of street-styled show machines and vendors spanning the Euro/JDM/Domestic spectrum ...

Street driven las vegas 2016 WRX Photo 18/117   |   Street Driven Las Vegas 2016 WRX

... which perfectly complemented the show portion of Supras Invade Las Vegas' annual event. SILV kept the quarter-mile dragway running throughout the day and into the night, at times with burnouts in the box rivaling what the day's top drifters could produce on the skidpad.

Street driven las vegas 2016 Supras Photo 22/117   |   Street Driven Las Vegas 2016 Supras

As the daylight began to dwindle, Street Driven Tour set up their signature "Drift Mini Games," highlighted by Drift Soccer and the Hard Park Challenge ...

... and ending with a hellacious rendition of the Tire Massacre, which saw Montana drifter TJ Fry and his immaculate S14 set a new Street Driven record for the longest burnout.

After another year of insane pro and impressive am drifting, surprisingly clean drift and show builds, lots of local flavor, and some of most genuine automotive enthusiasts anywhere, ending the second season of Street Driven Tour with their biggest event to date seems to prove their recipe of open-to-all drift bashing and automotive antics is on point. Rumor has it some improvements are in the works for next year, and we can't wait to see what's in store and where it will all go down. For more, and to be a part of it all, visit:

Street driven las vegas 2016 pontiac G8 Photo 41/117   |   Street Driven Las Vegas 2016 Pontiac G8
Street driven las vegas 2016 George Kiriakopoulos 240sx Photo 51/117   |   Street Driven Las Vegas 2016 George Kiriakopoulos 240Sx
Street driven las vegas 2016 S13 Photo 61/117   |   Street Driven Las Vegas 2016 S13
Street driven las vegas 2016 Infiniti G sedans Photo 71/117   |   Street Driven Las Vegas 2016 Infiniti G Sedans
Street driven las vegas 2016 Supra Photo 78/117   |   Street Driven Las Vegas 2016 Supra
Street driven las vegas 2016 Mk2 supra Photo 88/117   |   Street Driven Las Vegas 2016 Mk2 Supra
Street driven las vegas 2016 Mk3 supra Photo 98/117   |   Street Driven Las Vegas 2016 Mk3 Supra
Street driven las vegas 2016 drift missile Photo 108/117   |   Street Driven Las Vegas 2016 Drift Missile
By Luke Munnell
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