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Thailand's Gentlemen's Track Day

A social media call out results in a full-blown track attack in Thailand

Sep 28, 2017
Photographer: Streetmetal

If there's one thing we've learned over course of the last year from the steady diet of vehicle features and event coverage stories coming out of Thailand, it's that Thai car culture moves at a frenetic pace. Whether it's a Honda event, GT-R gathering, RX-7 meet and greet, or any number of drag race or circuit racing events, dedicated locals keep busy with car building that never seems to slow, and there's absolutely no shortage of exciting events.

Recently, our local trigger man, Streetmetal, gave us the inside info on Gentlemen's Track Day, an event that proved to be a huge success but was essentially put together on accident. From what he tells us, a few locals with a love for '70s and '80s classic cars got together for a little fun at the track. Afterward they posted plenty of photos to social media, and BOOM, just like that, everyone was asking when the next track day would take place. Not long after, a date was set for Bira Circuit in Pattaya, Thailand, and that handful of classics were joined by vehicles of all makes and models, old and new.

That's how fast an event can come together in the world's 50th largest country and based on the turnout from this first gathering, we suspect there will be more in the future and that their registration list is going to continue growing...rapidly. In addition to the usual suspects that you're bound to find at your local track day, motorsport events in Thailand have a real knack for bringing out some impressive, uncommon cars that you never knew you wanted to see in action. Here's a photo recap...

Gentlemans track day s13 Photo 2/76   |   Gentlemans Track Day S13

A plume of tire smoke has probably followed the majority of S13s you've seen over the past few years, as Nissan's popular affordable sports car is synonymous with drifting. However, there are some that still enjoy preserving enough rubber to find the fastest way around a road course.

Gentlemans track day celica Photo 3/76   |   Gentlemans Track Day Celica
Gentlemans track day celica Photo 4/76   |   Gentlemans Track Day Celica

'70s era Celicas, like the TA and TE22 chassis are scattered throughout Thailand and this track car gives you a glimpse at just how aggressive they can look when modded properly.

Gentlemans track day s15 silvia Photo 5/76   |   Gentlemans Track Day S15 Silvia
Gentlemans track day s15 Photo 6/76   |   Gentlemans Track Day S15

Along with the classic cars, there were some more modern examples, like this S15 that looked every bit as good as it ran on track.

Gentlemans track day toyota starlet Photo 7/76   |   Gentlemans Track Day Toyota Starlet
Gentlemans track day toyota starlet Photo 8/76   |   Gentlemans Track Day Toyota Starlet

The mighty Starlet, beloved for its lightweight chassis, rear wheel-drive layout, and swap-friendly engine bay, looked right at home with on track after a race-ready aero package and livery.

Gentlemans track day alfa romeo Photo 9/76   |   Gentlemans Track Day Alfa Romeo
Gentlemans track day alfa romeo bmw Photo 10/76   |   Gentlemans Track Day Alfa Romeo Bmw
Gentlemans track day alfa romeo Photo 11/76   |   Gentlemans Track Day Alfa Romeo

A dedicated bunch, the Alfa Romeo enthusiasts were on hand to turn a few laps and had no issues holding their own against newer, more powerful machinery.

Gentlemans track day honda ef civic Photo 12/76   |   Gentlemans Track Day Honda Ef Civic
Gentlemans track day honda civic hatchback Photo 13/76   |   Gentlemans Track Day Honda Civic Hatchback

The Honda movement in Thailand is stronger than ever and this fourth- and fifth-gen. hatchback duo joined in on the fun, shuffling through the course.

Gentlemans track day celica Photo 14/76   |   Gentlemans Track Day Celica
Gentlemans track day toyota celica Photo 15/76   |   Gentlemans Track Day Toyota Celica

Old-school Toyota battle

Gentlemans track day bmw e30 Photo 16/76   |   Gentlemans Track Day Bmw E30

The BMW presence during the Gentlemen's Track Day included this highly modded E30 complete with Adidas livery—NMD R1 or Ultra BOOST livery would have been worthy options ;)

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