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Z Nationals 2017

Z-cars unite for a track and show weekend jam

Nov 20, 2017
Photographers: Chad Burdette, Patrick McGinnis

Take one of the most loyal fan bases of any vehicle enthusiast group, give them a time and a place to get together every year, bring with it excellent organization, some friendly vibes and a genuinely good time, and you have all the makings for a successful event. That's exactly what Z1 Motorsports and their Z Nationals event has been providing for Z, Infiniti G, and GT-R owners for over a decade.

This year's gathering, a two-day affair, included a full blown track day at Road Atlanta on Friday, and a car show event complete with vendors and giveaways the following day. After all of that is complete, it's off to a huge dinner and awards ceremony to celebrate, reminisce, and make plans for the following year.

Because we're often chained to our cubicles, we don't get out much. But pasty skin and a genuine lack of contact with outside world aside, we were still able to get coverage from the 2017 Z Nationals event for you. That's due to former Atlanta resident turned Thailand adventure seeker, once again turned Atlanta resident, and all around trigger-happy car nerd, Chad Burdette, who unfortunately couldn't make the track portion but made it out for the car show. Saving the day is photog Patrick McGinnis, who filled in for Chad on Friday and pulled some excellent shots from the HPDE affair. Check out the premium snaps they got for us below, and if you're a Z, G, or GT-R owner and want to get in on the action next time around, keep tabs on the Z Nats at or follow them on Facebook at

Z nationals 2017 300ZX Photo 2/134   |   Z Nationals 2017 300ZX
Z nationals 2017 300ZX Photo 3/134   |   Z Nationals 2017 300ZX

A true '90s hero, the 300ZX was an absolute monster for its time, and when modded right, like these two examples, still carry some serious luster and are quite capable of holding their own with the young guns.

Z nationals 2017 r35 GTRs Photo 4/134   |   Z Nationals 2017 R35 Gtrs

A row of GT-Rs makes a pretty bold statement no matter what event you're at.

Z nationals 2017 370z Photo 5/134   |   Z Nationals 2017 370Z

Traffic jammin' with a little of the older and a little of the newer

Z nationals 2017 weld racing Photo 6/134   |   Z Nationals 2017 Weld Racing

The kind of wheel and tire combo that let's you know this Z has a little "massaging" under the hood

Z nationals 2017 LS swap Photo 7/134   |   Z Nationals 2017 LS Swap

Perhaps sacrilegious to some, the LS V-8 swap infiltrated the import performance community long ago, and while the shock factor has worn off, the number of attempts is only increasing.

Z nationals 2017 datsun z Photo 8/134   |   Z Nationals 2017 Datsun Z

Old-school chassis making quick work of Road Atlanta - with the recent uprising of resto-mod builds taking place around the country, we expect to see even more classics tearing up their local raceway.

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Luke MunnellJul 13, 2018
Buttonwillow Raceway is the gold-standard track for U.S.-based time-attack competition, so it's fitting that VTEC Clubbers get to drive it twice this year.
Luke MunnellJul 13, 2018
There's been plenty of enthusiast shows in the NY/NJ area before, but nothing has been tried in the heart of the Big Apple.
Sam DuJul 11, 2018
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