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WTCC Sonoma 2013

Coverage of the WTCC event held at Sonoma Raceway in Northern California

Mike Sabounchi
Sep 26, 2013

The World Touring Car Championship is one of those racing series that is every motorsports fan’s dream. Each race of the season is filled with so much action and drama that it makes the Finale of Breaking Bad look like an episode of Sesame Street. The field of the 2013 WTCC season is merely separated by a handful of points. Which makes each race that much more important than the next.

Wtcc_sonoma_turn2 Photo 2/38   |   Wtcc Sonoma Turn2

We had a chance to catch up with the WTCC during the stop at the Sonoma Raceway in Northern California to see how this world famous racetrack would affect the standings. To say the day was full of action was an understatement. Not only did the track have to split duties with the US Touring Car Championship, the Porsche GT cup, and Time Attack and Drifting exhibitions. There was also plenty to see in the pits, from driver signings, to a full blown Slammed Society Car show, there was never a dull moment to be had.

Bmw_umbrella_girls Photo 3/38   |   Bmw Umbrella Girls
Bmw_wtcc_turn2_sonoma Photo 13/38   |   Bmw Wtcc Turn2 Sonoma
Honda_civic_wtcc_crew Photo 23/38   |   Honda Civic Wtcc Crew
Muller_wtcc_cruze Photo 24/38   |   Muller Wtcc Cruze

It was easy to get lost in the action, but the majority of our focus that day was on the WTCC action and USTCC action. This is exactly the kind of stuff we go nuts over, Modified cars that actually work. Style is nice to have when you can afford it, but style doesn’t always make you go fast, the cars in the USTCC and WTCC field were designed for one thing and one thing only, to go fast.

Ustcc_honda_s2000 Photo 28/38   |   Ustcc Honda S2000

While there was plenty of excitement to be seen on the WTCC side of things. the USTCC competition was also filled to the brim with talent. The USTCC is so appealing to us because the field is full of racers with tons of talent and much less budget then the factory backed teams over on the WTCC side. Grassroots racing is at the core of what makes us all want to make our cars go faster and it's exactly why all of us go nuts over track times. It was nice to see these guys pushing so hard.

Ustcc_lexus_is Photo 35/38   |   Ustcc Lexus Is
By Mike Sabounchi
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