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Fast Toys Club

Having around a dozen supercars at your disposal with almost none of the drawbacks

Luke Munnell
Oct 5, 2017

Imagine the perks of owning or leasing a supercar: The prestige that follows you wherever you take it, and the power and performance a result of its race-bred heritage and top-quality parts and craftsmanship. Now imagine the drawbacks: Its six- or seven-figure price tag, four- or five-figure regular maintenance, added cost of insurance premiums, wear and tear, fuel, your fear of actually enjoying it at full-tilt and breaking something, and, at the end of the day, the fact that you only have a (meaning one) supercar. With that said, would you be interested in a way of enjoying the benefits of having around a dozen supercars at your disposal, with none of the aforementioned drawbacks, and at a fraction of the price? Meet Fast Toys Club.

Mclaren 650 headlights Photo 2/81   |   Mclaren 650 Headlights

What began only a few short years ago as the brainchild of French entrepreneur and automotive aficionado, Chris Carel, has caught on where no other ultra-high-end car-sharing program seems to have in the past, and we recently caught up with Chris and Fast Toys Club at one of their recent monthly tracks days – this time at California’s Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca – to see if for ourselves.

Ferrari f430 canards Photo 6/81   |   Ferrari F430 Canards

The idea is simple. Members pay any one of a range of annual membership fees that entitle them to credits used to rent high-end luxury and sports cars, exotics — even thoroughbred race cars — to enjoy as their own on a daily basis, free from worry of maintenance, cleaning, fueling, even pick-up and drop-off. This could mean enjoying a Rolls Royce Ghost Series II for a weekend in the mountains, or a Ferrari 458 or McLaren 675 LT on a popular racetrack near Los Angeles or San Francisco for a day, lap after lap, at full-tilt.

Ferrari f430 headlights Photo 10/81   |   Ferrari F430 Headlights
Ferrari f430 Photo 11/81   |   Ferrari F430

Carel’s own stable of Fast Toys Club vehicles ranges from a Boss 302 Mustang and C7 Corvette, to that McLaren and Ferrari 458, to even a Pescarlo 02 Le Mans Prototype and newly added Caterham CT03 Formula 1 car. And since members can earn credits by offering their cars to the group, the extended family of eligible vehicles today includes that Ghost, a Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG, Lamborghini Gallardo, Ford GT, and more -- you get the idea.

Lamborghini gallardo taillights Photo 12/81   |   Lamborghini Gallardo Taillights

The median "Gold" Fast Toys Club membership package costs $30,000/year and includes credits for 50 days’ worth of rentals of any car in the stable, for a total combined 3,500 miles. A Diamond membership secures any exotic or race car of your choice from the pool, every day of the year, for a cool $120K, and memberships range all the way down to $8K/year for us plebeians to get 10 days. All this might seem high until you consider that the annual cost of leasing, for example, a Lamborghini Huracan exceeds twice the cost of a Gold membership for even fewer allowed miles, and the price per day drops to almost half that with the Diamond. And with the traditional dealership lease you would only have just a Huracan. And you probably wouldn’t want to drive that investment on the racetrack.

But with Fast Toys Club, you can. In fact, it’s encouraged that you do. For a comparatively modest additional fee, members can either bring their own cars out to any of Fast Toys Club’s monthly track rentals for full, open-session driving days, or spend their credits renting any of the stable’s cars — including that F1 car or Racing Prototype. And once you’re there you’ll find yourself in good company.

On the weekend we visited them, Fast Toys’ track day at Mazda Raceway consisted mostly of members driving their own cars, and a few unaffiliated drivers of various makes who Fast Toys was nice enough to sell some track time to. All three of the Club’s race cars were being used for prior engagements, as well as several of Chris’ personal vehicles.

The following day belonged to the Porsche Owner’s Club, but Fast Toys even freed up some time throughout the day to invite POC’s racers out on the track to share in the good times.

Times were logged throughout the day, but since this was a “gentlemens” track day and not a competition, they were seldom talked about. Aside from the friendly wager or bragging rights. And if you’re thinking a bunch of drivers renting super cars to drive on the track might’ve led to an excess of contact or driving off course, nothing could’ve been further from the truth — even at Mazda Raceway’s notoriously challenging hard-braking zones, hairpin, and corkscrew.

Based in LA and SF, Fast Toys brings its members services no other club that we’re aware of does, doubly so when it comes to enjoying their pool of high-dollar autos on racetracks throughout each region. To learn more, explore pricing options, or enroll, visit

By Luke Munnell
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