July 3rd, 4th - Joliet, IL
Once again the hardcore ITR owners and various track-friendly associates made their way to the Autobahn Country club for a weekend of racing, tech talk, friendly smack talking, and general ITR-related madness. With a few dozen instructors on-hand, beginners and even track regulars looking for some insightful tips could bounce ideas and questions off the more experienced veterans. With plenty of internet forum word-of-mouth floating around, not to mention the dedicated regulars that keep coming back for more each year, ITR Expo 2010 proved to be yet another smash hit. If you're thinking that you missed out, rest assured, you certainly did. However, you can log onto www.itrexpo.com and keep tabs on next year's expo and actually take part in this awesome event, instead of sitting at home, wishing you had.