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ITR Expo 2011 - Events

Carolina Motorsports Park, June 11–12.

Keith Meilink
Oct 18, 2011
Htup 1110 01+itr expo 2011 carolina motorsports park+cover Photo 1/13   |   ITR Expo 2011 - Events

The ITR Expo has always been considered more than just an average track day. A tight-knit group of track fanatics who refer to each other as more of an extended family than like-minded peers, the group has a knack for turning a pair of track days into a massive celebration. This year, however, things got off to a shaky start as their original plan had fallen through.

Recovering quickly, the Expo organizers mapped out a new set of blueprints, and as usual, a good time was had by all. Rather than just plaster some random photos on a few pages, we had our triggerman, Keith Meilink, follow a few attendees and get some behind-the-scenes shots as they prepped their cars and headed out to do battle. Enjoy!

Htup 1110 02+itr expo 2011 carolina motorsports park+group Photo 2/13   |   ITR Expo 2011 - Events

Jeff S.
Car: ’98 Integra Type R
Mods: Kirk rollbar, FIA-legal Recaro seats, five-point harnesses, PIC Select R3 coilovers, BPI velocity stack, K&N filter, Samco intake arm, SMSP header, Tanabe Concept-G exhaust, A’PEXi PowerFC
Number of years attending ITR expo: This was my fourth Expo; I’ve been attending since 2008.
What made you want to take part: Shortly after I bought the car I found the Expo section on I’d done auto-x for a couple of years and was interested in getting on track. A Type R track day seemed like a good place to start!
Will you be back next year: Absolutely!

Htup 1110 06+itr expo 2011 carolina motorsports park+helmet Photo 6/13   |   ITR Expo 2011 - Events

Random thoughts about this year’s event: Major props to the Expo committee for pulling together a Plan B after the first event plans fell apart! This event couldn’t be what it is without their dedication and hard work. While not quite as hot as Expo 8, this year was definitely a scorcher—but I still had a blast as it was my first time at CMP. As others have said, the community is a major reason I love Expo so much and why I keep coming back year after year. Even though it’s small and tight-knit, it’s also very welcoming of newcomers, and I have made many friends I wouldn’t otherwise have gotten to know. There’s nothing better than getting on track with your friends and then when the track goes cold grabbing some beers and hanging out.

Htup 1110 07+itr expo 2011 carolina motorsports park+integra Photo 7/13   |   ITR Expo 2011 - Events

David Socherman
Car: ’01 Integra Type R
Mods: K20A swap with AEM intake, RBC intake mani, DTR/SSR header, 3-inch exhaust, Vibrant muffler
Number of years attending ITR Expo: This is my second Expo, the first being Expo 8 VIR.
Will you be back next year: Depends on location. This year’s Expo was a lot of good times that I’ll always remember. It’s always great getting together and seeing old and new faces.

Htup 1110 08+itr expo 2011 carolina motorsports park+wrenching Photo 8/13   |   ITR Expo 2011 - Events

Random thoughts about this year’s event: Here’s a memory that’s funny to me. If you’re camping and flies are bothering you, spray Brute! (lol) They’ll stay away. I do look forward to this event every year and hope it stays alive for years to come. Where else can I go track my car, push it to the limits, and then hang out with friends and party at the same time? (lol) One suggestion: get better catering service (I didn’t like the food this year at the banquet—lol). Also thought they were going to give out awards again like Ricer of the Year. I have never met another community that is as welcoming or willing to lend a hand to someone they barely know like the ITR family/community.

Htup 1110 09+itr expo 2011 carolina motorsports park+full view Photo 9/13   |   ITR Expo 2011 - Events

Erik Hegg
Car: ’95 Integra LS
Mods: Stock B18C5, Mugen intake, Toda Header, and HyTech exhaust. PIC Select coils, rollbar, FIA-legal Cobra seats, and six-point harnesses
Number of years attending ITR expo: Every year since and including E5. This makes seven straight years.
What made you want to take part: A track event is one thing, but expo is much more like a family reunion. I’ve made some of my best friends through this, and I can’t wait to go every single year. The fact that it’s during a track event is a pleasant bonus.

Htup 1110 10+itr expo 2011 carolina motorsports park+close up Photo 10/13   |   ITR Expo 2011 - Events

Will you be back next year: Just try to keep me away!
Random thoughts about this year’s event: This year almost didn’t happen at all, and in spite of that, the community pulled together and turned it into a huge success, albeit last minute. We still had people from all over the country drive or fly in, and that bond and drive to make it happen is a huge part of what makes this event so great. Many don’t realize it until they’ve been, but this community is stronger and more connected than I’ve seen in any other marquee specific car group; even compared to other Hondas. This year was unbearably hot, but everyone stuck through it and had an excellent time.

Htup 1110 11+itr expo 2011 carolina motorsports park+driving Photo 11/13   |   ITR Expo 2011 - Events

Melanie Bedrin
Car: ’00 Integra Type R (named R-box)
Mods: B18C5 with Jackson Racing Supercharger, Hondata S300, ACT heavy-duty clutch, CT Engineering cold-air intake, Rota Slipstreams
Number of years attending ITR Expo: Expo 8 at VIR was my first, and I’ve been addicted ever since! Expo 11 is my fourth year in attendance, and I don’t plan on missing any in the future!
What made you want to take part: I originally wanted to meet those I befriended on the ITR forums and share some mutual R-love and track-romping time, but now this group of people has become a second family to me; we go out of the way to help each other at Expo and during the rest of the year. How could anyone not want to be a part of that?!

Htup 1110 12+itr expo 2011 carolina motorsports park+fill up Photo 12/13   |   ITR Expo 2011 - Events

Will you be back next year: A sphincter says, “What?” ;)
Random thoughts about this year’s event: Expo was amazing as usual. The camaraderie, camping next to track cars, nonstop shenanigans… But there was one extra-special part for me, and that was getting to track beside my best friend, Erik Hegg. I would like to say thank you for all the advice and instruction he has given me over the years of our friendship. See what the love of cars can do? :)

Htup 1110 13+itr expo 2011 carolina motorsports park+yellow intergra Photo 13/13   |   ITR Expo 2011 - Events


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