And just in case those big-wig D1GP USA backers' apparent pull-out of the '10 season has you worrying that you won't get to partake in nationally recognized, amateur drift competition anytime soon-don't. New from the hardest-working grunt-men of the D1GP is XDC. In the wake of NOPI Drift and D1GP USA's aim to thrust un-sung amateur drift heros into the mainstream, XDC (Extreme Drift Circuit) plans to do the same. But here's where things get good: Gary Lang and Quoc Ly are a couple of the former Formula D pro-series competitors rostered for XDC competition, along with FD Pro-Amers Forrest Wang, Chelsea DeNofa, Steve Angerman, and more. Even better, XDC announces collaboration with Remix, an import car show/lifestyle event organized by ex-HIN heads, which will piggyback all XDC events for the '10 season, as well as launch a few solo missions of its own to take over where the nation's premier import lifestyle experience left off. With the inaugural event in L.A. already having gone down, and more slated for Vegas, West Viginia, Dirty Jersey, Texas, and AZ, (and rumors that current FD pro champ Chris Forsberg will stay on as at least one of the series' judges), do we smell an official FD feeder series in the works? With attendance at Formula D pro and Import Face-off events up over past years, will these two new additions help '10 emerge as a kick-off year for import/sport compact growth?