While we spent the past month shooting cars in the hot sun or writing about them in a freezing office, Import Faceoff took care of the fun stuff-bringing the drag/show heat to three states, all in a 30-day span. We caught up with them at Crofton, Maryland's Capitol Raceway, and witnessed some of the kookiest, but most impressive racing we've seen this year. Norris Prayoonto debuted his tube-frame, all-motor Civic dragger to the tune of 9.556@149.36 (still in testing!), local hero Randy Owens' all-motor H-series ran faster than a slew of K- and B-series machines before eventually claiming Second in class, a pair of Maximas leveled an All Motor Sport field usually dominated by Civics and 350Zs (Jason Proctor's '02 with a 13.398@106.76 FTW), a streetable Prelude battled up the Forced Induction Sport ladder and took out an RX-7 to win with a 10.824@137.54, and a '92 Eclipse toppled a Supra to take a 9.7-second Forced Induction Pro win. Chris Miller's Civic dominated the entire FWD class by nearly a second, winning with an 8.891@165.72, and Team Solo's Wes Banason stole the show with his teal 350Z for the second year in a row-no surprises there.

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