And finally, we've saved the best for last. The past month played host to the second annual M Factory West Coast Shootout, presented by Spec Clutch and organized by our man Chad Barber of As a "shootout" style event, competition/payout goes like this: entrants in each class pony up their entrance fees (as much as $500 for Hot Rod Outlaw classes), and the amount collected-minus the costs of putting on the show-goes directly to First Place winners. Atop the pack stood Kevin Kempf, whose repeat 8.9-second/179mph blasts in the Speedfactory Civic earned the dough for the WA-based crew in Hotrod Outlaw Turbo. Amazingly, Kenny Tran ran nearly as fast without a turbo, winning the Hot Rod All-Motor class, running as fast as a 9.46@147. Visit for full coverage.