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Import Face-off Deep South Doubleheader - 411

May 23, 2011

Tampa, FL

Impp_1106_01_z+import_face_off+burnout Photo 2/16   |   Import Face-off Deep South Doubleheader - 411

Kicking of the 2011 season, literally taking no break off the heels of 2010, Import Face-Off brought the drag and show heat to Tampa’s Bradenton Motorsports Park for the seventh time in as many years. Proof that Outlaw-class drag racing (heavily modified street chassisno tubbing allowed) is growing strong, the FWD class was clearly the crowd favorite. But also proving that progress has yet to be made, four of the eight qualifying contenders broke during competition, most notably Cesar Olin whose First-Second-First mis-shift and subsequent endo in his purple K-series turbo car (also the highest-powered car of the class) literally hurt to watch. Forced Induction Pro became a battle of the Supras, with Coral Springs’ Vijay Big Daddy Ramkissoon edging out his opponent with an 8.201 @ 151.23 Final-round performance. It was the third straight win for Vijay in his burgundy beast, and there’ll be a growing monetary reward for anyone who can take him out in future events. Following suit was Naples’ Marc Podkowik and his green, All Motor Pro-winning K-series Civic hatch, with a fifth straight competition win, this time with a 10.890 @ 122.88 Final pass. Forced Induction Sport saw a 20-competitor field boil down to Tampa local Brian Sandrock with an 11.176 @ 119.50 in his ’95 Civic over the Civic of N. Sutton with an 11.286 @ 131.61 pass. Not bad for two street-driven FWDs!

Houston, TX

Impp_1106_10_z+import_face_off+fairgrounds Photo 9/16   |   Import Face-off Deep South Doubleheader - 411

For their sixth annual event, Import Face-Off set up a grudge race between the current fastest and quickest FWD racers in the world: Chris The Magician Miller from New York (8.37 @ 178 best pass) vs. Texas’ own Tony T1 Palo (8.57 @ 183 best). It was to be a best-two-out-of-three race, amidst regular IFO business as usual, with the winner taking $4,000 straight cash. Spectators flew in from all over the worldnot just the countryto see this epic showdown, Tony thrashed to get his car together in time (even welding together a grenaded piston that couldn’t be replaced last-minute), while Chris did the same and then drove 1,600 miles from the frozen Northeast with his car in tow. After frantically drying the track all day and making one nail-biting test pass, conditions were deemed too slick and dangerous to race. Unfortunately, the event was called due to inclement weather. Despite the soaking rain, over 3,000 spectators came out predominantly to see just two cars run (and a special appearance by Misa Campo)testament to the gaining steam of import drag in the modern day. IFO’s Miller-v-Palo grudge match has tentatively been rescheduled for May 15th in Las Vegas.

Event Schedule
4.15-17.11 Formula D Team Drift, Long Beach, CA
4.17/18.11 Formula D JDM All Stars, Manchester, England
4.17.11 Import Face-Off, Noble, OK
4.17.11 Import Alliance, GA
4.23.11 XDC/Remix, AZ
5.1.11 Import Face-Off, Kansas City, MO
Cincinnati, OH
5.6/7.11 Formula D, Road Atlanta, GA
5.14-15.11 Performance & Style, Carlisle, PA
5.15.11 Eibach Honda Meet, Corona, CA
5.15.11 XDC/Remix, FL
5.15.11 Import Face-Off, Las Vegas, NV
5.20-22.11 Import & Kit Natl’s, Carlisle, PA
5.22.11 Import Face-Off, Montgomery, AL
5.22.11 NSCRA, Palm Beach Int’l Raceway, FL
5.22.11 Battle of the Imports, Orlando, FL
Import Face-off Deep South doubleheader

Impp_1106_08_z+import_face_off+honda_s2000 Photo 10/16   |   Import Face-off Deep South Doubleheader - 411



The number of Hondas at JCCS just seems to grow year after year
RodrezSep 17, 2018
FF Battle started as a way to pit the best all-around street-legal FWD cars against each other.Today, the machinery and the scenery may have changed but the challenge is the same
Bob HernandezSep 17, 2018
Some new talent was introduced at FF Battle 10, many of which were very competitive and made a huge statement.
RodrezSep 13, 2018
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