We’re all aware of the Red Bull’s involvement in motorsports, with their Formula 1 efforts as documented on redbull racing.com (motor-less sports, too—as seen in the Flutag, and our participation in their Soapbox Race a few months ago), but the energy drink megalith’s recently identified a new challenge: building road cars. The involvement with Renault as their engine manufacturer brings a working relationship with Nissan, and early talks have hinted toward a limited-production Red Bull Racing Infiniti model. Most speculate something along the lines of the Clio that Renault built and WilliamsF1 signed their name to beginning in 1993...but based on Red Bull’s tendency to take everything they’re involved in well past their established limits, some (us) are hoping for a Red Bull-engineered, Infiniti-branded competitor to Lexus’ LF-A. www.autocar.co.uk