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2011 World Time Attack Challenge

Eastern Creek, Australia

Scott Tsuneishi
Dec 15, 2011
Photographer: Alastair Ritchie

In 2010, Cyber EVO stunned the World Time Attack Championship competition at Eastern Creek in Australia, clocking a blistering time of 1:30.58 and finishing a second faster than Second Place competitor Sierra Sierra. At this year’s WTAC, the Cyber EVO machine, piloted by Eiji “Tarzan” Yamada, once again became the star of the weekend event, crushing competitors with its dominant performance.

Impp 1112 28 o+2011 world time attack challenge+championship trophy Photo 2/29   |   2011 World Time Attack Challenge

This year’s competition was stacked with dozens of race-prepped vehicles, not to mention some the most intimidating-looking and race-prepped time-attack machines including Scorch Racing’s Nissan Silvia S15—first timers to Australia—and Garage Revolution and their RX-7, fresh from its Tsukuba Super Battle win, lapping the track just a tenth shy of the legendary HKS CT230R record. The event also welcomed the return of Pan Speeds infamous FD3S widebody RX-7, fully prepped and ready to compete at the WTAC.

Sierra Sierra returned to Eastern Creek with their EVO, affectionately known as “Christine”, this time with numerous improvements since last year’s disappointing Second Place finish. The EVO VIII received extensive aero work including a passive aero design toward the front fender/side skirts, new front bumper with extra canards for extra downforce and engine modifications, which helped increase horsepower output to an undisclosed level.

The event kicked off with Garage Revolution’s RX-7 setting the early pace, putting down a 1:30:61 lap time. Sierra Sierra quickly responded with a blistering time of 1:29.02, resetting Cyber EVO’s previous 2010 record by over a second. With news quickly spreading of SSE’s EVO in the lead, tensions were at an all-time high within the pit area as the Cyber crew furiously wrenched on the EVO in hopes of finding those precious seconds needed to improve their previous lap time. Among the chaos, rumors surfaced that SSE was using nitrous as the Cyber crew launched an unofficial protest (Editor’s note: Nitrous is not prohibited within WTAC rules and legal for usage). On top of that, there was also a tire compound issue that added to excitement—another controversy we hope to expand on in our following issue.

Impp 1112 01 o+2011 world time attack challenge+evolution Photo 3/29   |   2011 World Time Attack Challenge

The SSE crew quickly confronted Team Cyber by challenging them to find nitrous within the car. In typical Japanese fashion, the Team Cyber politely declined. After a brief track intermission to accommodate the Open Class competitors, the Cyber EVO reemerged onto the course, as Tarzan drove the wheels off the EVO, managing to close the gap with a lap time of 1:29.7510. Although Cyber’s lap times were quicker, it was still seven-tenths slower than SSE’s fastest time.

While both front-runners were in a heated battle, jockeying for position, a surprise car within the Pro Class that no one seemed to pay attention to ran a blistering 1:30.86, pushing it into Fourth position behind SSE, Cyber EVO, and Garage Revolution. The Tilton Interiors EVO with its rather subtle appearance surprised competitors and spectators alike, only a few tenths of a second off Cyber’s record-setting 2010 lap time.

Impp 1112 03 o+2011 world time attack challenge+rx7 Photo 4/29   |   2011 World Time Attack Challenge

As the event progressed by midday, the Cyber crew were the first ones out on the track, making one last push to take the top spot. With fellow competitors and spectators anxiously looking on, the EVO charged past the start/finish line with an amazing time of 1:28.8510 to reclaim the top spot. With only one session left in the Pro Class, it was up to SSE to reclaim the number one position. Try as they might, their EVO could not improve its previous lap time, as the Cyber EVO remained champions for the second year standing.

Stay tuned in the next issue as we go behind the scenes with team members of Cyber and SSE for exclusive coverage behind the controversy leading up to this year’s championship.

WTAC Pro Class Top 10

Presented by Advan Yokohama

1st Place

Impp 1112 15 o+2011 world time attack challenge+mitsubishi lancer Photo 17/29   |   2011 World Time Attack Challenge

Cyber EVO

Mitsubishi EVO IV

Output: 700 whp

Driver: Eiji “Tarzan” Yamada

Best Lap: 1:28.85

2nd Place

Impp 1112 16 o+2011 world time attack challenge+mitsubishi lancer Photo 18/29   |   2011 World Time Attack Challenge

Sierra Sierra

Mitsubishi EVO VIII

Output: undisclosed

Driver: David Emperingham

Best Lap: 1:29.02

3rd Place

Impp 1112 17 o+2011 world time attack challenge+mazda rx7 Photo 19/29   |   2011 World Time Attack Challenge

Garage Revolution


Output: 600 whp

Driver: Mitsuhiro Kinoshita

Best Lap: 1:30.50

4th Place

Impp 1112 19 o+2011 world time attack challenge+mitsubishi evolution Photo 20/29   |   2011 World Time Attack Challenge

Tilton Interiors

Mitsubishi EVO IV

Output: 600 whp

Driver: Garth Walden

Best Lap: 1:30.86

5th Place

Impp 1112 20 o+2011 world time attack challenge+nissan silvia Photo 21/29   |   2011 World Time Attack Challenge

Scorch Racing

Nissan Silvia S15

Output: 700 whp

Driver: Anda Suzuki

Best Lap: 1:31.45

6th Place

Impp 1112 23 o+2011 world time attack challenge+r34 gtr Photo 22/29   |   2011 World Time Attack Challenge

Advan/Hi Octane Racing

Nissan R34 GT-R

Output: 600 whp

Driver: Mark Berry

Best Lap: 1:31.90

7th Place

Impp 1112 24 o+2011 world time attack challenge+lotus exige Photo 23/29   |   2011 World Time Attack Challenge

Prep’d Motorsport

Lotus Exige GT3

Output: 500 whp

Driver: Warren Luff

Best Lap: 1:31.91

8th Place

Impp 1112 25 o+2011 world time attack challenge+fd3s rx7 Photo 24/29   |   2011 World Time Attack Challenge


Mazda FD3S RX7

Output: 600 whp

Driver: Kouta Sasaki

Best Lap: 1:32.03

9th Place

Impp 1112 26 o+2011 world time attack challenge+nissan r35 gtr Photo 25/29   |   2011 World Time Attack Challenge

GT Auto Garage/HKS Australia

Nissan R35 GT-R

Output: undisclosed

Driver: Steve Glenney

Best Lap: 1:32.41

10th Place

Impp 1112 27 o+2011 world time attack challenge+s13 silvia Photo 26/29   |   2011 World Time Attack Challenge

MCA Suspension

Nissan Silvia S13

Output: undisclosed

Driver: Earl Bamber

Best Lap: 1:33.06

By Scott Tsuneishi
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