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Super Lap Battle Finals 2011

The Crowning of a New Champion

Scott Tsuneishi
Mar 28, 2012

The Super Lap Battle Finals held its annual time-attack event at Buttonwillow Raceway in California under perfect weather conditions. The venue is approximately a two-hour drive from Downtown Los Angeles through the rural landscape of Bakersfield. Since its inception in 2004, SLB has continued to be considered the most anticipated event. Tuner shops and professional drivers from around the globe come out to beat lap records in their class and gain bragging rights for the year.

Unlimited FR Class Winner

Name: FX Motorsports Development
Car: 1991 Acura NSX
Driver: Tyler McQuarrie

Impp 1205 04 o+super lap battle finals 2011+1991 acura NSX Photo 5/16   |   Super Lap Battle Finals 2011

Last year we witnessed the Sierra Sierra Enterprise EVO break the Super Lap Battle record of 1:43.523 held by the infamous HKS CT230R at Buttonwillow Raceway with a time of 1:41.046. The SSE team made history, becoming the first official American team to reclaim the SLB track record as FX Motorsports Development and their NSX settled for Second Place with a best time of 1:41.949. For 2011, it was no surprise that SSE was a no-show to the event; the team had previously stated that they would be cutting down on various competitions due to financial reasons. This was the perfect opportunity for team FXMD to show once and for all that all their hard work and perseverance in the off-season would pay off as driving ace Tyler McQuarrie manhandled the FXMD NSX to a new Unlimited FR record as well as broke the Overall Record held by SSE with a lap time of 1:40.981. Earlier in the day during qualifying, Tyler dislocated his shoulder from the sheer brute force of the car.

Unlimited FF Class Winner

Name: WORLD Racing
Car: 2011 Scion tC
Driver: Chris Rado

Impp 1205 05 o+super lap battle finals 2011+2011 scion tC Photo 6/16   |   Super Lap Battle Finals 2011

Among the fellow competitors, five class records were broken at the 2011 event including Chris Rado and his highly publicized FWing 2.0 World Racing Scion tC. The dual-wing-clad machine made history with a new Unlimited FF class record with a 1.47.394 in the morning session before his car suffered a head gasket/piston failure, which rendered the vehicle in a dormant state for the remainder of the day.

Limited FR Class Winner

Name: Berk Technology
Car: 2000 BMW 135
Driver: Carl Rydquist

Impp 1205 06 o+super lap battle finals 2011+2000 BMW 135 Photo 7/16   |   Super Lap Battle Finals 2011

Berk Technology’s BMW 135i piloted by Carl Rydquist squeaked out a win against the Plattforme AG E46–supercharged M3. The two teams were in a heated battle throughout the day; Tarzan Yamada jostled the E46 with a best time of 1:53.457—less than half a second separated the two cars. As the event came to a close, Berk Technology claimed First Place victory and set the new Limited FR record with a time of 1:53.221.

Limited AWD Class Winner

Name: Evasive Motorsports
Car: 2006 Mitsubishi Evo IX
Driver: Michael Chang

Impp 1205 07 o+super lap battle finals 2011+2006 mitsubishi evo IX Photo 8/16   |   Super Lap Battle Finals 2011

Street FF Class Winner

Name: Apollo Performance
Car: 2005 Ford Focus
Driver: Clint Boisdeau

Impp 1205 08 o+super lap battle finals 2011+2005 ford focus Photo 9/16   |   Super Lap Battle Finals 2011

The ’05 Ford Escort driven by Clint Boisdeau has been on a tear at numerous events since the beginning of the year. It was no surprise he managed to clinch another trophy at the Buttonwilllow finals. Let’s forget the fact that Boisdeau’s car wasn’t the most visually attractive time-attack machine at the event, this car rips! The Focus tore up the track as we witnessed for the first time in SLB history a Street FF car break into the sub 2-minute lap times, with a 1:59.086 lap time and a new class record.

Limited FF Class Winner

Name: Sportcar Motion
Car: 1998 Acura Integra Type-R
Driver: Tim Kuo

Impp 1205 09 o+super lap battle finals 2011+1998 acura integra type r Photo 10/16   |   Super Lap Battle Finals 2011

The ultra-quick Sportcar Motion Integra Type-R bested their previous track time of 1:56.987 in the Limited FF class. With Tim Kuo behind the wheel, the supercharged Honda was comfortably ahead of Second Place competitor Damien Cook’s Honda Civic (2:02.401), awarding SCM’s Integra a new class record.

Unlimited AWD Class Winner

Name: UMS Tuning
Car: 2005 Mitsubishi Evo VIII
Driver: Tony Szirka

Impp 1205 10 o+super lap battle finals 2011+2005 mitsubishi evo VIII Photo 11/16   |   Super Lap Battle Finals 2011

Street AWD Class Winner

Name: Evasive Motorsports/ Kontrabrands
Car: 2006 Mitsubishi Evo iX
Driver: Michael Chang

Impp 1205 11 o+super lap battle finals 2011+2006 mitsubishi evo IX Photo 12/16   |   Super Lap Battle Finals 2011

Street FR Class Winner

Name: Evasive Motorsports
Car: 2006 Honda S2000
Driver: Robert Walker

Impp 1205 12 o+super lap battle finals 2011+2006 honda s2000 Photo 13/16   |   Super Lap Battle Finals 2011

Among the other competitors, notable mention goes to the Evasive Motorsports EVO IX (Limited AWD class). It posted a personal best 1:49.124 for the class win. The Limited AWD class victory was awarded to the Gates311 EVO X with a 1:50.181. The Kontrabrands EVO IX led a commanding podium finish among the Street AWD competitors, clocking a 1:57.735. UMS Tuning’s EVO VIII took the Unlimited AWD class with a time of 1:55.771 while the Evasive Motorsports S2000 rounded out a First Place podium win in the Street FR class with the quickest time of 1:57.887.

By Scott Tsuneishi
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