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SouthrnFresh: Welcome To Atlanta

Matthew Jones
Sep 4, 2012
Impp 1208 01 o+southrnfresh welcome to atlanta+honda civic hatchback Photo 1/19   |   SouthrnFresh: Welcome To Atlanta

These days, it doesn’t appear to require much at all to build an automotive-related blog. In fact, it seems to usually only take a couple of hours for a post to circle around the web and become viral, despite its true content. While some blogs spend their best days racking up “likes” on Facebook and blasting rediscovered Flickr images, the folks at SouthrnFresh have decided to go a different direction and build a blog based around a following, a community, and a common passion: automobiles. Though may not be the biggest or most visited blog on the Internet, they are easily considered by many to be the bloodline to the Deep South by consistently uniting surrounding enthusiasts.

Impp 1208 12 o+southrnfresh welcome to atlanta+honda s2000 Photo 2/19   |   IMPP_120800_ATL_072_075_

Planting their roots in Atlanta, SouthrnFresh has been continuously organizing tight-knit, energetic meets for over two years. Incorporating various local performance shops and food establishments, one is all but guaranteed a fun-filled afternoon checking out the latest builds, taking advantage of the dyno run discounts, and enjoying quality food with their closest friends.

With the highly anticipated Import Alliance: Atlanta drawing in crowds from all over the region, it was only proper etiquette to throw a welcoming “meet and greet” for the fellow enthusiasts from other cities and states, and allow a chance for everyone to see the weekend’s gems without having to sift through an endless parking lot and push through the flocking crowds of attendees.

Upon entering the meet and greet, guests were instantly welcomed with an elegant row of import muscle, courtesy of the old-school folks at Garage Zero. After such a grand entry, you could head toward Mainstream Performance’s dyno garage and free barbecue tent before you catch yourself drooling over some of the region’s most immaculate engine bays, fresh sprays, and intricate engine swaps while cramming down a burger. And to finish it all off, the fellow out-of-town population provided a “new” variety that was nothing short of exceptional.

Impp 1208 17 o+southrnfresh welcome to atlanta+RB26 engine Photo 6/19   |   SouthrnFresh: Welcome To Atlanta

Focusing on friends, family, and real-life face time, it’s undeniable that SouthrnFresh has been setting themselves above the rest and uniting communities all over the South. When will you experience the true, fresh comfort of the Dirty South?

Impp 1208 10 o+southrnfresh welcome to atlanta+mitsubishi evo Photo 13/19   |   SouthrnFresh: Welcome To Atlanta
By Matthew Jones
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