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Import Tuner FR Shootout

The Ultimate Street Machine Battle

Scott Tsuneishi
Apr 15, 2013
Photographer: Bob Hernandez
Impp 1302 05 o+import tuner FR shootout+FR competitors Photo 1/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

Come June, a sense of excitement fills the air as Import Tuner held its first annual FR Shootout at Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosamond, CA. Using the Streets of Willow (SOW) track configuration was new to this year's event from the previous Buttonwillow location we had become accustomed to for the past five years of competition. The 1.8-mile track consists of a smaller and tighter layout with a total of 13 turns. For those not in tune with the last year's event, here's a brief recap: The AWD Shootout bore witness to 10 (special invite) vehicles at Buttonwillow Raceway's infamous CW13 configuration, which included three GT-Rs, three STIs, and four Evos in a head-to-head challenge to prove who is the best, or at least amongst the best. ACG's 625hp, satin gray '09 R35 GT-R pulled out the narrow victory over the Kontrabrands/Evasive Motorsports '06 Evo IX SE due to a driver miscalculation on the number of laps, which brought him into the pits after completing only four of five. The error automatically turned the Evo's potential victory into a heart-wrenching DNF. This year marks the sixth consecutive year of the competition, consisting of 15 vehicles of all makes and models-either NA or forced induction-that were worthy enough to compete at our FR Shootout.

Impp 1302 01 o+import tuner FR shootout+momofoolio racing sportcar motion s2000 Photo 2/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

The FR Shootout is not your typical weekend track event. It's much more than just a bunch of race cars collectively blasting down the tarmac. These vehicles have more than just a passing resemblance to road vehicles, with many of them being daily drivers; our event rules mandate each car must be registered and insured for public highway use. Continental Tire once again played an integral role in sponsoring this year's event, stepping up to the plate to provide each of the competitors with a set of Extreme Contact DW (340 treadwear) tires as the official spec tire. Among the competitors was an eclectic group of cars, which ranged from an old-school '75 280Z with an LS1-powered V-8 making 420 whp to an intimidating-looking/sounding RX-8 that was prepped and driven by Mazdatrix owner Dave Lemon, and yes, we even brought out a mildly modified '13 Scion FR-S to satisfy the new-school genre. You can say we covered a vast majority of FR platforms we've come to appreciate over the years.

Impp 1302 08 o+import tuner FR shootout+RX8 s2000 Photo 3/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

The day started at 7:30 a.m. with a mandatory tech inspection before the cars were allowed to roll onto the track. A 30-minute practice session was immediately followed by a time-attack, with 15 cars leading the way. Drivers knew that they would need to achieve their best times within the early morning sessions; the hot summer heat would quickly kill horsepower, brakes, and tire grip as the day progressed.

The Church Automotive Testing S2000 immediately made its presence known; the supercharged machine fired off a 1:25.707 lap time with former '05 Rolex Series GT Champion Craig Stanton behind the wheel. The Skullworks SR20VE hybrid-powered 240SX recorded the second fastest lap time with a 1:26.278 in the first session. Both competitors and spectators alike were at a gasp as they witnessed the Skullworks machine sending thick plumes of smoke from the rear of the car with every lap. Vehicle owner Mike Yates informed us after his session that a loose oil return hose was the culprit and would be easily repaired in time for the next round. The EVS S2000 stopped the clock with a time of 1:26.918 with vehicle owner and Rob Walker pushing his NA-powered AP2 to within seconds of his forced-induction competitors. Walker was no stranger to the time-attack circuit; he set numerous class records, including the FR Street Class record at Super Lap Battle. During the early morning session, the track claimed its first vehicle casualty. The Phase 2 Motortrend 350Z of Allen Deines suffered catastrophic engine failure as his con-rod punched through his block, forcing the car to retire. Another Phase 2 Motortrend car suffered electrical gremlins due to misfire problems at 4,500 rpm; the KA24 turbo 240SX was unable to make a clean run, which plagued the 380-whp machine for the rest of the day.

Impp 1302 06 o+import tuner FR shootout+driver Photo 7/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

As the day's event progressed with five scheduled time-attack sessions taking place, the top cars in the NA class remained with Rob Walker in the EVS S2000 sitting in first, Alex Peng in his 250-whp Momofoolio Racing/Sportcar Motion S2K, and Pit Garage's 350Z driven by Sky Chan rounding out the top three.

The early favorites within the Forced Induction class included the Church Automotive Testing S2000 and Skullworks 240SX witnessed a dangerous competitor within the ranks of competition. The Team FSR Supra owned and driven by Stephen Shiu, a lawyer by day and a track junky on the weekend, was well within striking distance to take the top spot. The Supra, not typically known to handle on the tight SOW course was running in the 1:26 lap time range with a best of 1:26.484, less than two tenths of a second off Yates's 240SX. We caught up with Shiu during the afternoon lunch break to find out what modifications were made to his car: "We built a formidable track car on a budget but made sure not to skimp on upgrading the suspension and enlisting FSR Motorsports Creations in Montclair, CA, to provide vehicle prep work prior to the event. Compared to other courses in Southern California, it is the Supra's least favorite track since horsepower provides little advantage with only two straightaways. Moreover, given that there are many tight transitions, weight is a major disadvantage and we all know that the Supra has a lot of cushion for the pushing."

Impp 1302 07 o+import tuner FR shootout+motoIQ Photo 8/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

For our seventh event, taking place in June, it's the FR Shootout once again making an encore performance. Do you own an FR car and think you have what it takes to take home the top prize at this year's shootout? Submit your vehicle photo along with specs to with "Tuner FR Shootout" in the subject line, or post it on our Facebook page no later than June 1. We'll be waiting for you!

Impp 1302 11 o+import tuner FR shootout+lucky racing 7 Photo 9/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

Forced Induction Final Results

1st Overall
1st Forced Induction Class

Church Automotive Testing
2000 Honda S2000 (AP1)

Impp 1302 14 o+import tuner FR shootout+church autmotive testing 2000 honda s2000 Photo 13/57   |   IMPP-130200-FR-

Best Lap: 1:25.707

Owner: Shawn Church

Driver: Craig Stanton

Output: 460 whp / 290 lb-ft (Dynapak)

Engine: Kraftwerks supercharger; DeatschWerks 1,300cc injectors; Walbro 255-lph fuel pump; Toda header, adjustable cam gears; Afterhours Automotive airbox; IPS forced-induction cams; Hondata EMS, K-Pro, programmable traction control

Drivetrain: Toda flywheel, clutch disc; ACT clutch pressure plate

Impp 1302 16 o+import tuner FR shootout+craig stanton Photo 14/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

Suspension: Omni Power coilovers

Exterior: APR GT wing (track use only)

Brakes: Cobalt pads; Motul fluid; stock rotors

Wheels: 17x9 (front) 17x10 (rear) 949 Racing 6ULR

Tires: 245/40-17 (front) 255/40-17 (rear)

Vehicle History: "Car was originally purchased new in March of 2000 and modified with an AEM cold air intake, throttle-body coolant bypass, and a Mugen header. Over time, more naturally aspirated modifications were added, and the car was used as the test mule for the Hondata K-Pro EMS system and spent a lot of time on various road courses. Then, in 2008, I drove a prototype Kraftwerks supercharger kit on an AP2 S2000. I knew that if I decided to go forced induction, this would be the way to do it for a street car that had to pass emissions. When an opportunity came up to grab a used kit, I snapped it up and drove around at 7 psi, but eventually upped the boost. After running into the tuning/boost limits of 91-octane fuel, I converted the car to E85 and contacted Oscar Jackson to upgrade the kit. He came up with a special pulley combination that netted us almost 16 psi. The car now makes over 500 hp and has run the standing mile at 169 mph on the rev limiter in Sixth gear. It also traps at 120-plus mph in the quarter-mile, although I confess I haven't launched it too hard for fear of the stock differential breaking, so the e.t.'s are only in the high 11- to low 12-second range."

Impp 1302 15 o+import tuner FR shootout+church autmotive testing 2000 honda s2000 engine bay Photo 15/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

2nd Overall
2nd Forced Induction Class

1993 240SX (hatchback)

Impp 1302 17 o+import tuner FR shootout+skullworks 240SX Photo 16/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

Best Lap: 1:26.278

Owner: Mike Yates

Driver: Keith Calcagnie

Output: 440 whp / 390 lb-ft (E85)

Engine: P11 SR20VE head (decked 1mm for 10.5:1), timing cover/oil pump, reversed/modified intake manifold, 70mm TB; SR20DET block 87mm bore stock sleeves; CP pistons for 9:1 SR20DE(T); Eagle Rods; ARP mains, rods, head studs; Calico-coated ACL "race" bearings; Cosworth 1.1mm head gasket; Supertech valvesprings; Skullworks VE conversion package; Megan Racing manifold for external wastegate/V-band outlet; Forced Performance HTA 2868 turbo; Tial V-band turbine housing, MV-S wastegate; Blitz FMIC; custom ghetto Compton intercooler piping; Greddy BOV; 1,000cc RC injectors; AEM EMS series 2, serial gauge, oil pressure gauge air/fuel meter; VQ35DE coil packs; tuned by Mitch Pederson of MP Tuning

Drivetrain: stock trans with Cryo-treated gearset; S15 helical diff with stock S13 ring-and-pinion

Impp 1302 19 o+import tuner FR shootout+keith calcagnie Photo 17/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

Suspension: Bilstein suspension 300GT (front); 300ZX rear assembly

Aero: S15 frontend; 20mm widebody (front) 50mm (rear); Honda silver paint with black roof; Seibon CF hood

Brakes: Defsport/Skullworks Wilwood 12.2-inch FSL four-pot brakes

Wheels: R33 GT-R rims or staggered 5Zigen FN01RC's

Tires: 255/45-17 (front) 285/40-17 (rear) Continental Extreme DW

Vehicle History: "I purchased my S13.5 chassis in its current and painted condition last year from a friend as an unfinished project. I put it back together after building a new engine and rewired the setup with the help of friends and Matt Perkins of SR Motorcars. The initial build was a mild SR20DET with Ross pistons, and MLS head gasket and ARP studs from top to bottom. After a tuning session I pulled the engine due to a rod knock and a failed oil squirter and decided to go with a SR20VE, which I developed all the parts necessary to make the VE headwork on a SR20DET block and modified to allow it to run a Tial V-band turbo housing and wastegate. This car is an evolution of my street 240SX S13, which I drove daily for eight years."

Impp 1302 18 o+import tuner FR shootout+SR20DE block Photo 18/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

3rd Overall
3rd Forced Induction Class

FSR Motorsports Creations
1994 Toyota Supra Turbo

Impp 1302 20 o+import tuner FR shootout+FSR motorsports creations supra Photo 19/57   |   IMPP-130200-FR-

Best Lap: 1:26.484

Owner: Steve Shiu

Driver: Steve Shiu

Output: 460 whp/410 lb-ft

Engine: 67dbb Boost Logic Single Turbo Kit, HKS Super Dragger exhaust, boost controller; Brian Crower 264 duration camshafts

Drivetrain: Fidanza lightened flywheel; TRD clutch; OEM pressure plate

Impp 1302 22 o+import tuner FR shootout+steve shiu Photo 20/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

Suspension: KW Variant 3 coilovers; JIC control arms, Titan Motorsports sway bar, strut bar

Aero: Backyard (DIY) front splitter; APR GT wing

Brakes: K-Sport 14-inch 8-pot BBK; Carbotech XP 12 (front) and XP 10 (rear) brakes; Stoptech stainless steel lines

Wheels: 18x10.5 (front) 18x11.5 (rear) CCW Classic Wheels

Tires: 285/35-18 (front) 295/35-18 (rear) Continental Extreme Contact DW

Vehicle History: "My Supra was purchased in 2005 with 18,000 miles in bone-stock, mint condition from an older gentlemen in Nashville for $25,000 in my second year of law school. Soon thereafter, the car was slowly modified (molested) and started participating in the HPDEs a few times a year at the local tracks. With function over form in mind and built on a limited budget, the nearly 20-year-old car has seen simple, minimal, and effective modifications. The car is clearly not a shop car as some of the modifications (e.g., Home Depot backyard-built front splitter), obviously, comes from someone more adept at pushing paper as opposed to turning wrenches. Nevertheless, the more technical modifications to the car and support have been provided by FSR Motorsport Creations in Montclair, CA, which includes engine tuning and management, custom rollbar, electrical rewiring, and prepping for the FR shootout. The result is a 500-plus horsepower car that is amazingly fast in the straights as well as the corners, despite a heavy 20-year-old platform. The Supra has withstood five years of racing on the original motor, is a public street registered car, and is driven (not trailored) to the track."

Impp 1302 21 o+import tuner FR shootout+2JZ GTE Photo 21/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

6th Overall
4th Forced Induction Class

2003 Mazda RX-8

Impp 1302 23 o+import tuner FR shootout+mazdatrix RX 8 Photo 22/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

Best Lap: 1:28.033

Owner: Dave Lemon

Driver: Dave Lemon

Output: 406 whp / 250 lb-ft

Engine: 1,300cc 13B, ported/studded; Turbonetics turbo; Haltech P1000 EMS

Drivetrain: Kaaz limited-slip differential

Impp 1302 25 o+import tuner FR shootout+dave lemon Photo 23/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

Suspension: Eibach Multi Pro R2 coilovers; Drop Engineering bushings; Megan links

Aero: Mazdatrix/AIT custom 2009 R3 widebody; Kognition wing

Brakes: StopTech big brake kit

Wheels: 18x10 XXR

Tires: 275/35-18 Continental Extreme Contact DW

Vehicle History: "I purchased my RX-8 in July of 2003 (now updated to 2010 bodywork) to be used as the Mazdatrix shop car and 'mule' car to test products, which included exhaust systems, shocks and springs, sway bars, wheels, and brake packages. The car was previously supercharged and campaigned frequently in Time-Attack 'Street Class'. Since the updated turbocharger setup, it bounces in and out of 'Street' and 'not-quite' Street class."

Impp 1302 24 o+import tuner FR shootout+13B Photo 24/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

8th Overall
5th Forced Induction Class

Lucky Racing 7
1987 Mazda RX-7

Impp 1302 26 o+import tuner FR shootout+lucky racing 7 RX7 Photo 25/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

Best Lap: 1:28.724

Owner: Frisili Casasola

Driver: Frisili Casasola

Output: 380 whp/320 lb-ft

Engine: Lucky 7 Racing built and street ported 13B, racing FMIC, upper intake manifold; Comp Turbo 6765; Greddy turbo manifold, Type R 47mm wastegate; AEM water injection; Haltech P1000 EMS

Drivetrain: ACT 4-puck unsprung clutch, lightweight flywheel

Suspension: Energy Suspension poly bushings; Racing Beat front sway bar, Tein coilovers

Impp 1302 27 o+import tuner FR shootout+frisili casasola Photo 26/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

Aero: Shine Auto front fenders, hood, carbon rear diffuser; Ronin Speedworks GT wing; Lucky 7 Racing front splitter.

Brakes: Ronin Speedworks big brake kit (front); EBC rotors, Blue Stuff pads; Lucky 7 Racing brake ducts

Wheels: 17x8.5 Advan Racing RG +10 offset (front), 17x9.5 +23 offset (rear)

Tires: 255/40-17 (front), 275/40-17 (rear) Continental Extreme Contact DW

Vehicle History: "I bought the car in 2003 as a project car that started out as a sport model RX-7 NA. I did a complete Turbo II swap in my driveway and fell in love with the rotary. It was first built as a street car for fun driving through the canyons but slowly evolved with more modifications immediately following my first track day, and the obsession to build the car followed shortly after. After a few different setups, and now being co-owner of a rotary-specific shop (Lucky 7 Racing), the car is running better than ever."

Impp 1302 28 o+import tuner FR shootout+lucky 7 racing 13B Photo 27/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

13th Overall
6th Forced Induction Class

2001 Honda S2000

Impp 1302 29 o+import tuner FR shootout+socalmotorworks s2000 Photo 28/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

Best Lap: 1:37.215

Owner: Andy Yang

Driver: Andy Yang

Output: 365 hp / 250 lb-ft

Engine: Greddy turbo kit, Type RZ blow-off valve; RC 750cc injectors; AEM Series 2 EMS, fuel rail, water methanol injection; Hondata thermal intake gasket, Science of Speed 70mm throttle body, Cusco oil catch can, cooling panel; ASM 70mm S-special single exhaust, coolant reserve tank; Koyo aluminum radiator; Zero Sports radiator cap, Mugen fan switch, thermostat; Samco sports radiator hoses; Buddy Club racing spec condenser; Trust oil cooler; 70mm test pipe, Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator, Okada plasma ignition coils, Spoon Sports engine and transmission mounts, engine mount rings; K&N filter

Drivetrain: Exedy Hyper single clutch; Comptech reinforced differential carrier; Kazz 1.5-way limited-slip differential; Mazda 4.44 ring-and-pinion set; custom differential mount stiffener collars, J's racing large slave cylinder, racing clutch line; Omni -Power clutch master cylinder

Impp 1302 30 o+import tuner FR shootout+andy yang Photo 29/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

Suspension: Buddy Club racing spec coilovers; Cusco front and rear sway bars, tie-bars, floor ladder bar, tower braces; Motor-klasse front bumpsteer kit; J's Racing rear halfshaft spacers, fender brace

Brakes: Spoon Sports 4-pot mono-block front brake calipers; Project Mu SCR Pro rotors (front), Hawk Blue track pads (front); Top secret street pads (rear); Goodridge brake lines

Wheels: 17x8 (front), 17x9 (rear) Enkei RPF01

Tires: 245/40-17 (front), 255/40-17 (rear)

Vehicle History: "I purchased my S2000 in November of 2001. Since then, it's been through numerous modifications and various stages of builds, which included NA, Comptech supercharger, Vortech supercharger, and its current state that uses a custom Greddy turbo kit. The S2000 was built based on my personal experience both on and off the track. Owning this car for over 11 years, the S2000 has come a long way, and I still believe it's only 60 percent complete. My dream is to one day complete the car so my future son or daughter can share something that has been a part of my life and career."

Impp 1302 31 o+import tuner FR shootout+socalmotorworks s2000 engine Photo 30/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

15th Overall
7th Forced Induction Class

Phase 2 Motortrend
1991 Nissan 240SX

Impp 1302 32 o+import tuner FR shootout+phase 2 motortrend 240SX Photo 31/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

Best Lap: 1:46.337

Owner: Wayne Oun

Driver: Wayne Oun

Output: 380 hp / 400 lb-ft (Dynapak)

Engine: KA24DE turbo; CP Pistons; Eagle rods; port/polished cylinder head, BC valves/valvesprings, camshafts

Drivetrain: Kazz two-way limited-slip differential

Impp 1302 33 o+import tuner FR shootout+wayne oun Photo 32/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

Suspension: Circuit Sports coilovers, suspension, full linkage kit

Exterior: Silvia S15 front conversion, stock fenders/bumpers

Wheels: 17x9 5 Zigen FN01R-C +20 offset

Tires: 215/45-17 (front), 235/40-17 (rear) Continental Extreme Contact DW

Vehicle History: "The vehicle serves as a spare street/track car, with less than 200 miles on the new motor. We entered the FR Shootout knowing it would serve as a good opportunity to dial in the car on the track and see how it would perform."

Impp 1302 34 o+import tuner FR shootout+phase 2 motortrend KA24DE Photo 33/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

NA Final Results

1st NA Class
4th Overall

EVS Street Version
2004 Honda S2000 (AP2)

Impp 1302 35 o+import tuner FR shootout+EVS street version s2000 Photo 34/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

Best Lap: 1:26.918

Owner: Robert Walker

Driver: Robert Walker

Output: 228 hp / 152 lb-ft (Dynapak)

Engine: K&N OEM intake filter replacement; Mugen Header; EVS Tuning 70-SSP exhaust

Drivetrain: Kazz 1.5-way limited-slip differential; EVS differential collars

Suspension: EVS Spec. Eibach Multi-Pro R2 coilovers (16kg/mm), Eibach sway bars; J's Racing S1 camber joint with RCA (front); Mugen suspension bushings, Spoon RCA (rear); custom alignment by Evasive Motorsports

Impp 1302 37 o+import tuner FR shootout+robert walker Photo 35/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

Aero: Voltex S2000 Aero Street Kit, Type 1 Wing; Downforce fenders; Mugen hardtop; Craftsquare mirrors; Seibon carbon-fiber trunk

Brakes: Spoon Calipers with OEM rotors (front), factory calipers (rear); ProjectMu Club Racer pads, G-Four 335 brake fluid

Wheels: 17x9.5 Volk RE30 Club Sport + 40 offset; EVS Tuning "Super Lap" Racing Lug Nuts

Tires: 255/40-17 Continental Extreme Contact DW

Vehicle History: "This is my second S2000 I purchased from a good friend with low mileage. It was a good opportunity to build another street track S2000 from a clean slate using all the experience and knowledge gained from my first S2000. From the initial offset, the build of the car was more focused on maximizing lap time using street tires. The car follows Evasive Motorsports' philosophy of maximizing lap time by improving the handling and aerodynamics. For this reason, the motor has never been opened and is still using a stock ECU. The combination of suspension and aero components allows the car to be consistent and reliable, which allows me to focus and dedicate my track time on improving my driving skills."

Impp 1302 36 o+import tuner FR shootout+EVS street version s2000 engine Photo 36/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

5th Overall
2nd NA Class

Momofoolio Racing/Sportcar Motion
2007 Honda S2000 (AP2)

Impp 1302 38 o+import tuner FR shootout+momofoolio racing sportcar motion s2000 Photo 37/57   |   IMPP-130200-FR-

Best Lap: 1:27.123

Owner: Alex Peng

Driver: Alex Peng

Output: 250 hp / 180 lb-ft

Engine: K&N intake; Toda header; Berk HFC; LiteSpec titanium exhaust; Hondata FlashPro EMS tuned by Church Automotive Tuning

Drivetrain: AP1 flywheel

Suspension: Tein SRC; Tracy Sport front RCA

Impp 1302 40 o+import tuner FR shootout+alex peng Photo 38/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

Aero: APR front bumper, carbon canards, carbon mirrors, custom carbon splitter; Seibon (Mugen style) carbon hood, hardtop; Voltex Type 2 wing

Brakes: AP Racing big brake kit; Project Mu 999 pads

Wheels: 17x9.5 Volk Racing CE28 +47 offset

Tires: 255/40-17 Continental Extreme Contact DW

Vehicle History: "I purchased my Laguna Pearl Blue AP2 S2000 in 2010 to replace my previous AP1 that had given me tons of problems at the track in the past. The goal for my S2000 project is to build the fastest NA race car that is capable of being driven on the street, competitive on the track, and yet still able to carry tools and passengers in the process. The engine was kept stock for maximum reliability. The main focus was fine-tuning the suspension/alignment and aero package to allow the car to cut through every corner as fast possible. We plan to upgrade the powerplant by the end of year to set a new street tire record at Buttonwillow-a goal of mine since day one."

Impp 1302 39 o+import tuner FR shootout+momofoolio racing sportcar motion s2000 engine Photo 39/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

7th Overall
3rd NA Class

Pit Garage
2008 Nissan 350Z

Impp 1302 40 o+import tuner FR shootout+pit garage 350Z Photo 40/57   |   IMPP-130200-FR-

Best Lap: 1:28.489

Owner: James Chang

Driver: Sky Chan

Output: 350 hp / 300 lb-ft

Engine: stock; UpRev-Osiris EMS

Drivetrain: stock

Impp 1302 41 o+import tuner FR shootout+sky chan Photo 41/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

Suspension: KW Clubsport

Aero: Seibon hood, trunk; Ing+1

Brakes: OEM; Hawk DTC60 pads

Wheels: 18x10.5 Enkei PF01 +15 offset

Tires: 275/35-18 (front), 295/35-18 (rear) Continental Extreme Contact DW

Vehicle History: "I purchased my '08 Nismo 350Z from Performance Nissan in Duarte, CA. This car was originally meant for casual street/canyon use but slowly evolved into a track car. Ever since then, the mod list kept growing to a point where I placed every bolt-on product available. While prepping for the FR Shootout, we spent most of our time and effort to upgrade the OEM bushings to Whiteline and SPL solids. Three weeks before the event, I gave my car to Sky Chan of Pit Garage to prepare for the FR shootout and fine-tune the car with the Continental Extreme Contact DW tires and suspension setup. We were confident going into the event that we would place within the top five among our competitors."

Impp 1302 42 o+import tuner FR shootout+pit garage 350Z engine Photo 42/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

9th Overall
4th NA Class
2010 Nissan 370Z

Impp 1302 43 o+import tuner FR shootout+motoIQ 370Z Photo 43/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

Best Lap: 1:28.758

Owner: Clint Boisdeau

Driver: Clint Boisdeau

Output: 330 hp / 265 lb-ft

Engine: AEM dual intakes; Berk Technology high flow cats, cat-back exhaust; UpRev-Osiris EMS

Drivetrain: stock

Impp 1302 44 o+import tuner FR shootout+clint boisdeau Photo 44/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

Suspension: KW Variant 3 coilovers; Whiteline sway bars; Kinetix adjustable camber kit, rear toe arms

Aero: OEM stock sport package

Brakes: Hawk DTC60 front pads; Fast Brakes two-piece rotors (front)

Wheels: 18x9.5 (front), 18x10.5 (rear) Enkei PF01s

Tires: 275/35-18 (front), 295/35-18 (rear) Continental Extreme Contact DW

Vehicle History: "The goal was the build a 370Z that would be a track capable car while keeping the daily driving civility and comfort. Because of the carefully selected parts and the Z34 high-potential chassis, I believe the car's on-track pace is solid while still being able to drive to work everyday."

Impp 1302 45 o+import tuner FR shootout+motoIQ 370Z engine Photo 45/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

10th Overall
5th Forced NA Class
2003 Nissan 350Z

Impp 1302 46 o+import tuner FR shootout+nissanraceshop 350Z Photo 46/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

Best Lap: 1:32.387

Owner: Erik Tarui

Driver: Erik Tarui

Output: 296 hp /281 lb-ft (Dynapack)

Engine: Motordyne 5/16 plenum spacer; Jim Wolf Pop Charger; Stillen under drive pulleys, Y-pipe; DC headers; Berk Technology test pipes; Greddy Ti-C single exhaust; Accusump oil accumulator; Setrab oil cooler; Nismo power steering cooler; Koyo R-Core racing radiator; Samco coolant hoses; Motul/MoCool motor oil; UpRev-Osiris EMS tuned by Church Automotive Testing

Drivetrain: Exedy clutch; Aasco flywheel; Nismo R-Tuned 1.5-way limited-slip differential; Motul differential oil/transmission fluids

Impp 1302 47 o+import tuner FR shootout+erik tarui Photo 47/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

Suspension: KW Clubsport coilovers; SPL front upper arms, rear camber arm, traction bar, front lower control arm bushings; Cusco antiroll bar (front)

Aero: APR GTC-300 wing; AutoTecknic towhook

Brakes: Goodridge stainless steel brake lines; Motul RBF600 fluid; Wilwood six-piston caliper (front), 14-inch GT curved vane rotors, performance pads (front); Racing Brake ET500 pads/slotted rotors (rear); OEM calipers

Wheels: 18x19.5 Enkei PF1 +15 offset

Tires: 275/35-18 (front), 295/35-18 (rear) Continental Extreme Contact DW

Vehicle History: "I have been into the tuner scene since 1990 and have modified my fair share of cars over the years. In late 2011, I decided it was time to take my passion for cars to the next level and start working on a dedicated track car. Initially, I wanted to build a Honda Civic (FA5) but I had a buddy who wanted to get rid of his '03 Nissan 350Z, and he made me an offer I couldn't refuse. The Z was in good shape, except for the fact that the motor had some issues. I discussed various options with Fontana Nissan and decided to start with a clean slate by installing a new VQ35DE installed at Fontana Nissan. Upon modifying the car, I wanted to use only high-quality parts, which have been proven to withstand track abuse. Sean from SPL helped me choose the right components; I also sourced a set of KW Clubsports, and Whiteline bushings from and a corner balanced and aligned for track use by Darrin and Chris from West End Alignment. As of now, I am very happy with the reliability and performance of my 350Z."

Impp 1302 48 o+import tuner FR shootout+nissanraceshop 350Z engine Photo 48/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

11th Overall
6th NA Class

1975 Datsun 280Z

Impp 1302 49 o+import tuner FR shootout+1975 datsun 280Z Photo 49/57   |   IMPP-130200-FR-

Best Lap: 1:33.920

Owner: Derek Christenson

Driver: Derek Christenson

Output: 420 hp / 380 lb-ft

Engine: '04 GTO LS6 block; '02 Z06 Corvette heads; COMP camshafts, valvesprings; FAST intake manifold; JTR shorty headers 1.75-inch primary; custom dual 3-inch straight pipes; QTP electric cutouts (3-inch)/or single 3-inch muffler with cutouts closed

Drivetrain: '04 GTO T56 close-ratio six-speed trans; Fidanza aluminum flywheel with Spec pressure plate; custom driveshaft; Q45 3.54 R200 V limited-slip differential; Modern Motorsports axleshafts, hub adapters

Impp 1302 50 o+import tuner FR shootout+derek christenson Photo 50/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

Suspension: custom coilovers with shortened strut tubes; Bilstein inserts; Eibach springs; Energy Suspension bushings

Aero: MSA (Motor-Sport Auto) ZG fender flares; BRE Spoiler; Type 1 ducted air dam

Brakes: Wilwood four-piston 12.2-inch rotors (front), stock aluminum drum (rear), 280ZX master cylinder

Wheels: 17x9.5 Rota RBR

Tires: 275/40-17 Continental Extreme Contact DW

Vehicle History: "In 2004 one of my best friends bought a '03 Mustang Cobra (supercharged 4.6L). This would be a difficult challenge, but I read about people swapping LS1 engines into Chevy S10s. I have a degree in automotive technology and had worked at a VW dealership for three years so I figured I'd give it a shot. A few months later I was cruising around in a Chevy Blazer with an LS1 V-8 and having a great time surprising many people and friends. My friend and his Cobra weren't having any of that, and it was modified with a smaller pulley for more boost at that point. I decided in order to keep up I would reinstall the N2O on the LS1 to try to best the Cobra. The races were always very close but with the Blazer's weight, brick-like aerodynamics, and antiquated suspension it just wasn't doing the job. Then, in 2007, a friend of mine had done an LS1 swap into a Datsun 260Z after seeing what the LS1 did for my '95 Blazer. In a 'friendly' drag race, the 260Z demolished my LS1 Blazer. After researching costs, difficulties, and benefits I decided that was the smartest route to take in order to defeat my buddy's modded '03 Cobra emphatically, inexpensively, and fairly quickly. After scouring Craigslist, I bought two rusty/rough-looking Datsun 280Zs in Fresno, CA, for $500 in hopes of building one functional car to do the LS1/T56 swap. The swap took about four months and was built on my fairly limited teacher's aid budget. Needless to say, I spanked the Cobra on several occasions. This Datsun is a work in progress for me, and as such will likely never be finished but some things I'd like to do in the near future include belly pan/smoothing the underside and closing up some of the massive grille in order to make better use of aerodynamics and increase efficiency."

Impp 1302 51 o+import tuner FR shootout+LS6 block Photo 51/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

12th Overall
7th NA Class

Phase 2 Motortrend
2006 Nissan 350Z

Impp 1302 52 o+import tuner FR shootout+phase 2 motortrend 350Z Photo 52/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

Best Lap: 1:36.398

Owner: Allen Deines

Driver: Allen Deines

Output: 300 hp / 280 lb-ft

Engine: Circuit Sports Direct Ignition System; Motordyne lower plenum, intake spacer, cat-back exhaust, K&N drop in air filter

Drivetrain: Nismo limited-slip differential; Circuit Sports clutch line

Suspension: Circuit Sports coilovers, camber kit, traction kit, toe arms, carbon strut bar, under braces, sway bar endlinks, inner/outer tie rods, lockout washers; Hotchkis sway bars

Impp 1302 53 o+import tuner FR shootout+allen deines Photo 53/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

Aero: Shine Auto Projects Nismo V2 Replica Kit

Brakes: JBT four-piston calipers (front); Brembo (rear)

Wheels: 18x9.5 Work Emotion 11R-FT +15 offset (front), 18x10.5 +22 offset (rear)

Tires: 275/35-18 (front), 295/35-18 (rear) Continental Extreme Contact DW

Vehicle History: "I previously owned a VW GTI show car, but eventually ended up getting bored with the show scene and decided to take it to the track. I had so much fun at the track, even with my 19s and full sound system that I decided to sell the car and buy a new car with FR configuration, but steered clear of the 240SX-my previous ownership led me to become tired of everything breaking. The Z at the time was the best option for the price. Just weeks after purchasing the car, I upgraded the suspension and installed a rollbar. I had previously tried to compete with a local race series, but due to my limited budget, I stopped competing halfway through the season. Even with the abrupt stoppage in the series, I managed to take First Place on the My350Z/G35 forum track challenge in 2011. Now that the suspension and safety are mostly done, my future plan is to start working on increasing power with a custom NA engine build."

Impp 1302 54 o+import tuner FR shootout+phase 2 motortrend 350Z engine Photo 54/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

14th Overall
8th NA Class

DC Sports
2013 Scion FR-S

Impp 1302 55 o+import tuner FR shootout+DC sports FR S Photo 55/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

Best Lap: 1:42.120

Owner: Albert Tam

Driver: Albert Tam

Output: 166 whp / 137 lb-ft

Engine: HKS Super Hybrid panel filter; DC Sports overpipe, race pipe; prototype exhaust, test pipe

Drivetrain: stock

Impp 1302 56 o+import tuner FR shootout+albert tam Photo 56/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout

Suspension: KW Clubsport coilovers

Exterior: OEM

Brakes: OEM

Wheels: 18x7.5 Advan RGII +45 offset

Tires: 225/40-18 (front), 245/35-18 (rear) Continental Extreme Contact DW

Vehicle History: "I purchased the car from the dealership a few months prior to the RWD Shootout with my initial goal to see how the car handles on the track before making any major modifications. With the help of DC Sports, we added a few bolt-on parts to gain 6-7 hp and added a wider/stickier wheel and tire package to improve handling. It might not be the fastest car in competition, but at least it was sure to be the newest!"

Impp 1302 57 o+import tuner FR shootout+DC sports FR S engine Photo 57/57   |   Import Tuner FR Shootout


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