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NOPI Nationals 2006

Atlanta Motor Speedway Atlanta, GA September 16-17, 2006

David Pratte
Apr 3, 2009
Photographer: Peter Tarach Writer: Peter Tarach

NOPI Nats Put the Hot in Hotlanta!

With two days of non-stop action, from the Chevy Ride & Drive and Xbox Forza 2 tournament to the NOPI Drift, CCE Hydraulic and Fuzion Burnout contests, NOPI once again proved that nobody throws a party quite like the Nationals. There were, of course, a truly staggering number of amazing rides packed into every corner of Atlanta Motor Speedway, and whenever you needed a break from all the automotive eye candy there was no shortage of lovely ladies to feast your eyes on at the Swimsuit competition, NOPI Chic Model Search, and in the Vendor Midway. There was also a ton of quality live music from headliner Ludacris and his famous ‘dirty south’ hip hop to the classic “hair” rock of Skid Row.

Apparently the reports that the Honda scene is dead have been gross exaggerations given the huge number of JDM style and show style Civics, Integras, Preludes, Accords, S2000’s and NSX’s in attendance, some of which you’ll see in more detail on the pages of Modified mag in the near future. No other brand had a presence that could compete with the Honda crowd, though we were also very impressed by the turnout from the Nissan community. RB motor swaps were plentiful, as were JDM rarities like R34 Skylines and S15 Silvias. Mitsubishi EVO’s were in short supply for some reason, though there were some impressive STi’s to be found. Scion had a major presence at the event, with countless tC’s and xB’s on display with all manner of customization to separate themselves from the crowd. And with Chevy being the official car of the ’06 Nats there were plenty of top notch Cobalt’s in the house, including a 1,000+ horsepower street legal version equipped with a full-on NHRA drag motor under the hood.

All in all, the NOPI Nats definitely lived up to the hype, delivering a constant range of automotive and lifestyle entertainment options that kept us hopping all weekend long. We may be exhausted from the Hotlanta heat and countless miles hiking around the Speedway, but we’re already looking forward to the ’07 Super Show.

By David Pratte
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