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No Star Bash 2017

Sold-out Midwest Drift Union-hosted event holds on to title as one of the biggest grassroots drifting events in the region

Nick Quigley
Jul 10, 2017

With nearly 100 drivers registered to drive the sixth iteration of No Star Bash, the sold-out event hosted by Midwest Drift Union held on to its status as one of the largest drifting events in the region. A traveling spectacle that has previously been held at tracks such as USA International Raceway in Wisconsin and Gateway Motorsports Park just outside St. Louis, this year the choice of venue was the ever-popular staple track on the MDU circuit, Kil-Kare Speedway in Xenia, Ohio. Utilizing the layout run at the Back To Basics grassroots events hosted by MDU in conjunction with Drift Indy and Detroit Drifting Co., the two-day event drew drivers from all over the Midwest and beyond, with skill levels ranging from beginner to Pro-Am competitors.

No star bash 2017 240SX vs 350Z Photo 2/86   |   No Star Bash 2017 240SX Vs 350Z

Friday afternoon's start time was pushed back an hour due to heavy rains that had caused flash flood notices in the area since the night before. By the time the first cars hit the track, the surface was soaked and drizzle and light rains continued well into the evening. Though these conditions hamper the most visual aspect of the sport, tire smoke, it meant drivers were saving tires up for the blue skies that would greet them on Saturday morning. Even so, when rains had finally let up later in the evening, drivers were out running tandem trains beneath odd-colored skies.

When conditions vastly improved on that Friday, everyone picked up pretty much where they had left off the night before, albeit this time with some smoky trails behind them. Without the pressure of competition, novice drivers were able to get loads of seat time to improve their skill, while veteran drivers were running tandem trains almost a dozen cars long like a revolving door.

No star bash 2017 E46 Photo 6/86   |   No Star Bash 2017 E46

The track has earned the name "Kil-Car" with the amount of major crashes that have occurred at the track over the years, dating back to the now-defunct Street Life Tour. But with a different layout than used for competition events, the track is far more forgiving and only one major incident occurred, with Cory Misko's E46 slamming the wall on the passenger side. Despite how bad the car looked, Misko said after getting it back home and torn down that there was no major structural damage and the car will likely be rebuilt and back on track. Of course, there was the occasional wall tap, fire, dirt drop, and door banging, but for the most part both days went by without incident.

It's unsure where No-Star Bash will be held in 2018, but regardless of venue one thing has always remained the same: a bunch of friends who share a common interest getting together and shredding tires for a weekend will always be a memorable time.

No star bash 2017 Z33 S14 Photo 19/86   |   No Star Bash 2017 Z33 S14
No star bash 2017 IS 300 Photo 32/86   |   No Star Bash 2017 IS 300
No star bash 2017 350Z IS 300 Photo 48/86   |   No Star Bash 2017 350Z IS 300
No star bash 2017 240SX Photo 64/86   |   No Star Bash 2017 240SX
No star bash 2017 Cressida S13 Photo 77/86   |   No Star Bash 2017 Cressida S13
By Nick Quigley
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