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Six Months of Cross-Country Traveling For a Documentary Drifting Film!

Apr 6, 2010

2 Filmmakers, a 1974 Volkswagen Westfalia Van and 6 Months of Cross-Country Traveling For a Documentary Drifting Film!

Manhattan Beach CA, April, 5 2010 - Over the past few years, drifting has become much more popular in the mainstream. With the success of Formula DRIFT and other sanctioned amateur drifting competitions, more and more enthusiasts are joining this hybrid trend of motorsports and action sports. The growing popularity of drifting spawned a new era of filmmakers that has set a new standard in digital filmmaking - Will Roegge and Joshua Herron.

Sstp_1004_01_o+keep_drifting_fun+logo Photo 2/2   |   Keep Drifting Fun

Will Roegge and Joshua Herron have been producing some of the most provocative and exciting drifting videos on the internet. Their first collaboration video: Drift Mechanik's Keep Drifting Fun has generated over 160K+ views since February 15, 2010. The compelling video's are not stunning in just the context itself but as well as the quality as all their videos can be viewed in true HD quality. Starting the kick-off tour of KDF at Formula DRIFT, Streets of Long Beach in April; Will and Joshua will be taking their Volkswagen Wesfalia van that was modified and built out of their own garage, and will be touring all over the country to cover any and all drifting events. They will be living out the VW Westfalia during this time and a big highlight of the documentary is their journey on the road and the people that they meet along the way. You can expect this documentary film to be in the upmost and highest quality that has been seen in any drifting documentary that has been out in the market to date.

The great part about this whole campaign is not just the documentary film itself but how interactive it will be. You can expect to see live blogging from the road, video blogging, live streaming, behind-the-scenes coverage, short video releases, weekly photo gallery and of course, social interaction via Facebook

Fan Page and Twitter.
As of now, this entire program is being self-funded by the 2 filmmakers and we are currently seeking sponsors to help assist with the program. We hope that you can show support for this great cause and program to "Keep Drifting Fun"!

Tour Dates (Tentative)
April 8-10: Formula Drift - Long Beach, CA
April 14-17: Vegas Drift VD018 - Las Vegas, NV
April 17-19: Phoenix, AZ
April 20-22: Austin, TX
May 6-8: Formula Drift - Atlanta, GA
May 9: Southeast Drift - Atlanta, GA
May 12-14: Richmond, VA
May 15-28: Philadelphia, PA
May 29-30: East Coast Bash - Englishtown, NJ
June 3-4: Formula Drift - Wall, NJ
June 6-7: New York, NY
June 8-10: Manchester, NH
June 23-25: Chicago, IL
June 26-27: Midwest Bash
July 8-10: Formula Drift - Seattle, WA
August 19-21: Formula Drift - Las Vegas, NV
September 9-11: Formula Drift - Sonoma, CA
October 7-9: Formula Drift - Irwindale, CA




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