If only the gods would be so kind as to bless us with a motorsports gift such as this, our lives would truly be better. The Japanese are extremely lucky that HKS throws this Premium Day each year at the Fuji Speedway to thank scores of enthusiasts who come from near and far to come see HKS' latest products and demo cars, the country's top modified cars, meet their favorite drivers/tuners, or take their own cars out for a drifting session or take a spin on Fuji's famous race course. We'd never seen a larger gathering of R35s in one place to make us despise our cubicle palace even more than we already do as well as all the cars that were at the Tokyo Auto Salon (like the Esprit NSX, Varis Evo X, a new Supra from JUN Auto we'd never seen before and more) in a place where they should be at: a race track. Not that every car actually went for a spin but at least you could be confined to an otherwise empty track except for these supercars. HKS USA, we desperately need one of these events here!