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2010 Tokyo Drift in Odaiba - Parking Lot Hijinx

Scene: D1GP 2010 Tokyo Drift - Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan

Jul 16, 2010

There is nothing more exciting than watching some of the top D1 drivers drifting their cars in a vacant parking lot right in the heart of Tokyo. Ditch the expensive travel costs it takes to see a D1 event held at a track way out in the middle of who knows where, and let's do this Tokyo Drift style.

Sstp_1008_03_o+2010_tokyo_drift_odaiba+winner Photo 2/12   |   2010 Tokyo Drift in Odaiba - Parking Lot Hijinx

Approximately 21, 995 people in total came out to watch the 2010 Tokyo Drift in Odaiba event, which was held on the weekend of March 27th and 28th. Although the weather was due to rain on both days, big ups to mother nature for keeping both days dry.

Around the beginning of the event Masato Kawabata in his team Toyo Tires RPS13 who got the crowd out of their seats as he gained the highest score by his stable super-sided angled drifts during the first solo rounds and left Tetsuya Hibino in his 370ps team Up Garage AE86 coming in second. Sam Hubinette, or "Hyu-bi-net-to" as some Japanese people would pronounce his last name, was invited to battle it out on Japan soil in the T&E Vertex Soarer, which was formerly driven by Ueno until he switched to a BMW 335i. Despite the difference of not being in his normal car, where it's obviously left hand drive, Hubinette was defeated during the top 16 competing with the R-Magic Mazda RX-7.

The event all boils down to: "Does lightness or traction determine the winner of this event?"

Well, let's find out...

Masayoshi Tokita in his beefy 700PS Toyota Crown GRS180 was left out behind by Kawabata due to too much understeer and Tsuyoshi Tezuka in his bright yellow Bee Racing R32 had no chance during the first singe run against Masao Suenaga's FD3S. Moving along to the tandem battle between Kumakubo and Hibino, it was a close one as both drivers not only know how to excite a crowd, but to drive their cars extremely well that it was a hard choice for the judges to make a final decision so they made them go for a "re-match" run. Unfortunately, Kumakubo was no match for Hibino's lightweight advantage in this round so this made the little AE86'er packed with big guns advance to the final round.

Sstp_1008_01_o+2010_tokyo_drift_odaiba+tilting Photo 3/12   |   2010 Tokyo Drift in Odaiba - Parking Lot Hijinx

The final round led up to being between Yoichi Imamura's M7 BOSS SGC S15 and Hibino's AE86. There are definitely advantages for both cars that made a good fight. Imamura has definitely showed that he has made best use of his traction performance between the body of his car/tires and Hibino has a lightweight car advantage. After some close action between the two, the judges concluded that traction wins this event; so therefore, the victory goes to the one and only Yoichi Imamura!



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