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FF Battle 3 - The Competition - Event

Our Eclectic Group of Honda Racers With Varying Engine Setups and Chassis.

Super Street Staff
Nov 15, 2011

With a little better pre-planning than our first two FF Battles, we thought we’d for certain see a few familiar faces but we didn’t expect being bombarded with requests for people wanting to get into this year’s game. From as far east (and slightly north) as Canada to several local entries, we doubled our group to an overwhelming 23 at the start, dropping down to 19 by the event’s end. So, without further ado, meet FF Battle 3’s fierce group of competitors; we had a blast getting to know our new friends and had a lot of fun shooting the bull with our old ones. Will you be joining us next year?

Sstp 1111 01+ff battle 3 competition event+cover Photo 2/60   |   FF Battle 3 - The Competition - Event

Rhett Baruch
’01 Acura Integra Type R
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Engine: K24A1, Eagle rods, ARP bolts, 11.5:1 CP pistons, RSX cylinder head with 3-angle valve job; Blueprint Racing Stage 3 cams and valvetrain components; Skunk2 Pro Series intake manifold and 74mm throttle body; DTR/SSR 4-2-1 header with custom 3" V-band collector; Hondata K-Pro
Power: 238.73hp at 170.25lb-ft

Ryan “Rywire” Basseri
’88 Honda CR-X
Hometown: Garden Grove, CA
Engine: B18C ITR, Autoworks short ram intake, AEM EMS with K-series coil conversion, OEM LSD
Power: 173.64hp at 124.21lb-ft

Sstp 1111 05+ff battle 3 competition event+ryan basseri Photo 6/60   |   FF Battle 3 - The Competition - Event

Chris Billedo
’08 Honda Civic Si
Hometown: Fontana, CA
Engine: K20Z3, AEM intake, Strup header, custom exhaust, COBB AccessPort, Exedy Stage 2 clutch, ACT Prolite flywheel
Power: 190.17hp at 140.56lb-ft

Nick Caster
’89 Honda CR-X HF
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Engine: B18C GS-R, Skunk2 cams and intake manifold; ported throttle body, JG header, ITR valvetrain, AEM intake, Chrome ECU, Rywire harness, USDM GS-R transmission with ITR LSD and 4.7 final drive
Power: 178.81hp at 128.23lb-ft

Gilbert Corona
’88 Honda Civic
Hometown: Spring Valley, CA
Engine: B20/VTEC, RS Machine 84.5mm pistons, ARP rod bolts, GS-R cylinder head porting by BluePrint Racing, Skunk2 valvetrain, custom cam grind, HyTech header, BLOX intake manifold, BDL 70mm throttle body, RC 370cc injectors, custom tuned P28 ECU, B16 S1 transmission, 1.5-way KAAZ LSD
Power: 191.66hp at 133.80lb-ft

Ryan Der
’99 Honda Civic DX
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Engine: B18C ITR, AEM EMS 1040-U and EPM; K20 coil pack conversion, Rywire Mil-spec wiring harness, HyTech race header with anti-reversion chambers and Twin Loop after-cat exhaust; Trust oil cooler, C&R radiator, ATS 16-plate clutch LSD and single-plate metal clutch; Hondata thermal intake manifold gasket, Toda Racing timing belt
Power: 183.18hp at 124.39lb-ft

Morgan Jade
’96 Honda Civic Type R
Hometown: San Marcos, CA
Engine: K20Z1, Skunk2 Stage 2 camshafts, Pro Series valve springs/retainers/intake manifold, 74mm throttle body and Mega Power header and exhaust; Portflow 3-angle valve job, ACL race bearings, CP 12.5:1 pistons, JDM Type R connecting rods, RSX Type-S transmission with 4.78 final drive, KAAZ LSD, Competition Clutch Stage 5 clutch and flywheel; Hondata K-Pro
Power: 234.81hp at 151.41lb-ft

Sstp 1111 21+ff battle 3 competition event+morgan jade Photo 22/60   |   FF Battle 3 - The Competition - Event

Willy “SALEM” Garcia
’06 Acura TSX
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Engine: K24A2, J’s Racing CL7 Euro R stainless header, SUS Circuit Converter (cat delete), titanium exhaust and Tsuchinoko carbon intake; Skunk2 72mm billet throttle body, composite fuel rail and intake manifold, Clutch Masters Stage 3 8-puck Kevlar clutch and lightened flywheel; Wavetrac LSD
Power: 204.71hp at 156.90lb-ft

Sstp 1111 25+ff battle 3 competition event+willy garcia Photo 26/60   |   FF Battle 3 - The Competition - Event

Tom “TOM-attak” Liang
Honda Civic Si
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Engine: K20A, rebuilt by BluePrint Racing; Hasport engine mounts, Hondata K-Pro, Rywire sub-harness, Skunk2 74mm throttle body and intake manifold; K-tuned 4-2-1 header with custom Eastside Muffler 3" exhaust, AEM fuel rail and FPR
Power: 220.04hp at 151.72lb-ft

Elton Lo
Honda Civic Si
Hometown: Temple City, CA
Engine: K20Z3, 5.0 final drive, OS Giken clutch (yes, it’s that bone-stock!)
Power: 191.16hp at 145.01lb-ft

Henry Ng
Acura Integra Type R
Hometown: Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
Engine: B20/VTEC, ARC Super Induction Box, RC 440cc injectors, Mugen 4-1 header and Twin Loop exhaust; Blitz Racing radiator, Spoon Sports thermostat, Exedy Stage 1 clutch, Fidanza flywheel
Power: 165.62hp at 125.28lb-ft

Gabe Ortega
’94 Honda Civic CX
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Engine: B18C5, Hondata S300 with Neptune Tuner View, HyTech header with 2.5" custom after-cat exhaust, AEM cold-air intake
Power: 173.13hp at 120.17lb-ft

Raul Ramirez
’94 Honda Civic
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Engine: K20A Type R, RBC manifold, R Crew header, Checkerd Sports idle pulley, fuel rail and wire tuck; Hasport engine mounts, Spoon radiator hoses, Koyo DC5 radiator
Power: 211.39hp at 148.58lb-ft

Lee Randle
’97 Acura Integra Type R
Hometown: Pasadena, CA
Engine: B18C5, Skunk2 Stage 1 cams, Hondata S100, Mugen intake, Toda Racing header, Spoon N1 exhaust
Power: 186.35hp at 126.91lb-ft

Jesse Robles
’98 Acura Integra
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Engine: B18C GS-R, Vision header, Mugen oil pan, Koyo radiator, N1 pulley, Hasport engine mounts, Top Fuel intake, Buddy Club Spec II exhaust with test pipe, 4.7 final drive with Spoon 1.5-way LSD
Power: 165.91hp at 121.87lb-ft

Sergio Rocha
’94 Honda Civic DX
Hometown: Watsonville, CA
Engine: H22A1, Camp1320 header, Vibrant Stealth exhaust, Fluidyne radiator, Fidanza flywheel, ACT 6-puck clutch, Hasport engine mounts, MSD SCI ignition, sparkplug wires and Blaster SS coil; USDM S4C transmission with 4.9 final drive and Quaife LSD
Power: 198.42hp at 155.94lb-ft

Gil Salazar
’01 Acura Integra Type R
Hometown: El Cajon, CA
Engine: K20A, HyTech baffled oil pan, BluePrint Racing Competition cylinder head port/valve job, flat-faced valves and valvetrain; Mugen high compression head gasket, RBC manifold cut/ported by BluePrint Racing, BLOX cams and 72mm throttle body; ASC Speedmetal customs 3.5" aluminum intake and velocity stack; Rcrew Racing header and 3" exhaust; Chasebays Mil-spec harness, Hondata K-Pro tuned by Church Automotive, Exedy Hyper clutch and flywheel; K20Z3 gear set and Wavetrac LSD in EP3 transmission casing
Power: 245.99hp at 158.17lb-ft

’97 Acura Integra Type R
Hometown: Chandler, AZ
Engine: B18C5, Vision carbon intake, 4-1 header and test pipe; Mugen head gasket and Twin Loop exhaust
Power: 173.39hp at 121.67lb-ft

Sstp 1111 56+ff battle 3 competition event+matthew ye Photo 57/60   |   Driver: Phil Robles
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